Hundreds of Greek Nationalists vowed in the heart of Athens: Homeland-Faith-Freedom! Photography

Thursday, 6 September 2018 - 20:58

Throngs of Greek Patriots and Nationalists arrived in the center of Athens, at Votanikos, in order to protest for the hideous demolition of the Sacred Christian Temple of Holy Virgin from the atheist government of SYRIZA-ANEL, in order to construct an islamic mosque in that area.

Hundreds of Comrades with Greek and Byzantine Flags in their hands send a resonant message of National Resistance to all the antinational traitors who govern our Homeland, against the islamization of this Country.

In the event the famous historian-professor Konstantinos Plevris was present.

First spoke the MP elected in Piraeus, Guannisd Lagos, who stressed that only a week ago, under the protection of police forces, the atheist governors completely destroyed a small Christian church for the shake of muslims.  Only Golden Dawn reacted to this monstrosity and brought this issue in the Parliament, calling all Greeks to unite against all these treasons.

Afterwards, the speech of the Leader of Golden Dawn, Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos was warmly accepted by the attendants. At first he congratulated all those priests that keep fighting for their Homeland no matter the consequences and then he made it clear that as long as there are people who fight for Faith-Freedom-Homeland their dreary plans will never pass! He also noted that despite the heavy police forces, the People of Greece will never stop calling them “traitors”!

He also noted the antinational role of New Democracy that supported in the Parliament the construction of mosque, which opened the gates for the illegal immigrants and the leftists and claimed that “they respect the struggles of the left side”. In the end, he made it clear that there are still Greeks who resist to the islamization and fight in order to take our Homeland back.

The MP elected in Attica, Ilias Kasidiaris made the final speech, where he specified that in this area they aspire to create a mosque in order to vanquish the Christianity from Greece. There is only one political force that resists in these antinational plans and this is Golden Dawn. In the entire Europe there is a Nationalistic wave, which will inevitably reach Greece.

Afterwards, took place a rigorous march at this area where our Comrades where warmly welcomes by the citizens. The event of the Commission of National Memory finished with all the attendants chanting the National Anthem.