Hundreds of Comrades of Golden Dawn in the presentation of the new book for the Greatest of Greeks, Alexander the Great! Photography

Monday, 16 April 2018 - 17:15

Under the presence of hundreds of Comrades and friends of Golden Dawn, took place the presentation of the new collective book “Alexander, son of Philip from Macedonia, components and moments of the Greatest Greek”, of the “Trimorphos” editions, of the national newspaper “Empros” and the Independent Institute of Geopolitical an Historical Studies (AIGIS).

Comrade Christodoulos Filipidis organized the event. The writers of this new book Thomas Cosmas, Ioannis Megalis, Dimitris Tzempetzis, Stela Cotzabasi, Konstantinos Papachristou, Charilaos Mexas, Michalis Karakostas and Eirini Dimopoulou, during their speeches, referred to the personality of Alexander the Great and his victorious battles and then and then connected his legacy with the current situation of our country.

Last, the Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn made the final speech, where he referred to the indisputable Greek origin of Alexander the Great and to the Greek character of the expedition in Asia. Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos noted that despite the antinationalism of our times, there are still successors of this great strategist, such as the Immortal Squadron Leader George Baltadoros and many other Heroes, who did not give their blood for a “Greco-Turkish friendship”. Afterwards, he denounced the hypocritical sympathy of the professional politicians and the abjection of the Minister of National Defense Panos Kammenos, who announced the death of the Hero in twitter!


He noted that Skopje is also part of the enslaved Greek Homeland, with thousands of Greeks residing in this state, while he also denounced the policy of Kotzias, who aims for the treason of our Macedonia. Regarding the geopolitical developments the area, he noted that Golden Dawn is neither with USA, nor with Russia, is with Greece!

Concerning the liberal ND, he noted that they kneel before the communists, as proved by the statement of K. Mpakogiannis about “Captain Hermes”. The only national opposition is Golden Dawn that has no respect for the fights of the left side for the division and the de-Hellenization of our Homeland!

Golden Dawn is the proud revolutionary that still resists and grows stronger, against all the enemies of Greece!

Photography of speakers:

Eirini Dimopoulou

Christodoulos Filipidis

Thomas Kosmas

Stela Kotzabasi

Ioannis Megalis

Charilaos Mexas

Konstantinos Papachristou

Dimitris Tzempetzis

Michalis Karakostas