Heading to elections with the Macedonian issue on the spotlight-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Friday, 13 July 2018 - 12:30

Heading to elections with the Macedonian issue on the spotlight-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Newspaper “Ethnos”-KAPA research: “Golden Dawn is rising at North Greece, at the low income classes, at the farmers and the unemployed” 

In the early 90ies some politicians of New Democracy thought that in ten years no one will remember the Macedonian issue. More than 25 years have passed and Greek People remember very well the Macedonian issue and shall vote in the elections with this issue on their mind!

The members of N.D. pretend to be the “defenders” of Macedonia, however they never talk regarding the name of Skopje. In fact Dendias, a politician of N.D. stated at the newspaper: “Nea”: 

Dendias: “The stance of our political party is a compound name erga omnes.” 

So, despite their questionable stance, the members of N. D. are favored by the decay of SYRIZA and ANEL, but of course, People also honor the clear stance of GOLDEN DAWN at this issue, according to the opinion polls, following the disgraceful agreement of Prespa. 


In fact, in an opinion poll about the popularity of the leaders of the political parties, I placed second with a share of 17, 4%, It is worth noting that I was voted by 17,7 % of the voters of N.D., 23% of the voters of ANEL, 5,7 % of the voters of SYRIZA , 7% from KKE and 7% from PASOK. All these prove that GOLDEN DAWN has taken voters from all the political parties despite the fact that is absent from all the mass media!

This opinion poll as the answer to all those who claim that GOLDEN DAWN is isolated. It is obvious why they intend to personally harm me, since by attacking the leadership of a political party you attack the entire political party. As for those who pretend to be ultra-patriots and scorn GOLDEN DAWN, well People have seen through them. 

But we may return to the opinion polls.  In an opinion poll where 10.000 people participated, GOLDEN DAWN was placed third with 8, 7%! More specifically: “According to an opinion poll of KAPA Research: N.D. comes first on votes with 23, 3%, SYRIZA follows with 17, 8%, while Golden dawn has the impressive 8, 7%. Then, we find KINAL with 6, 9% and KKE with 5, 7%. The rest of the political parties do not enter in the Parliament.” 

I addition, in Peloponnese, GOLDEN DAWN surpasses 11%, while in Crete there is an important rise in the popularity of our political movement. 


Also, according to this opinion poll: “In question about those who caused these debts, 73% of Greeks answer that the governments after the political changeover are responsible for his situation, while 58% of Greeks are opposed to the agreement at Prespa. It is important the fact that 42% of Greeks believe that none of the political leaders of the two powerful political parties is suited to be prime minister. However, they prefer Kyriakos Mitsotakis (31%) than Alexis Tsipras (24%).”

The opinions of Greeks are similar with the positions of GOLDEN DAWN, regarding the responsible for the corruption in this country. However, there was also another opinion poll, in a newspaper that systematically calumniates GOLDEN DAWN, with the name “Documento”. 

Precisely: “According to the opinion poll of Voxpop Analysis, New Democracy is first with a difference of 4, 6% from SYRIZA. N.D. has 28, 4% and SYRIZA 23, 8%. Then Golden Dawn with 8, 5% and then KINAL with 7, 4%. KKE follows with 5, 8%, while ANEL and “Enosi Kentrou” do not enter 9n the Parliament, with only 1, 1% and 2, 2%. Also, there is a high percentage of unclarified votes.”

All the above prove that we are heading to elections with the Macedonian issue on the spotlight. Another fact is also important: GOLDEN DAWN rise where nowadays the heart of Greece keeps beating: In Macedonia, in Thrace, at the low income classes, at the farmers who are the soul of our Nation and at the unemployed, who are the main victims of the antinational policy of memoranda. 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn