Greeks - The continuity through time: an answer to the antinationalists! Article of N. G. Michaloliakos

Tuesday, 4 December 2018 - 01:00

Greeks - The continuity through time: an answer to the antinationalists! Article of N. G. Michaloliakos

There are Marxist antinationalists and, equally, there are Liberal antinationalists. The truth is that both capitalism and bolshevism deny the fact that the Nation is the dominant hint of the state, they select the economic procedures instead. Each and every one antinationalist denies fanatically not only the racial continuity, but also the biological existence of the Race. In our Country, they deny the racial continuity of Greeks from the ancient era till today.

Well, they are bothered from the fact that modern Greeks are genuine descendants of ancient Greeks. Why? Because they do know that a Nation without a constituent race can be easily destroyed or altered. In the era of “globalization” the races should vanish! Why? Gustave Le Bon answers this question in his book “The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind”. 

It is extremely difficult to manipulate a homogenous people, with racial consciousness. Those who deny the racial continuity of Greeks belong to two different groups. There are the Marxists, who do not acknowledge the term “Greek race” and there are some “patriots”, who claim that we are “bastards” and our only connection with ancient Greeks is our language…

Was Greece deserted during the Hellenistic years? The science of genetics

It is truth that many scholars, specialized in the Ancient Greek Civilization, claimed that modern Greeks do not descend from Ancient Greeks. Many of them mentioned the book of Pausanias, "Description of Greece", according to which many ancient lands were deserted. So, they assumed that in that era Hellenism…vanished! This is wrong and is wrong because there is no proof that during that age our Nation suffered any genocide. In addition, during the tour of Pausanias in Greece (2nd century a. C.) there have been major changes in the distribution of Greek population. Many urban centers and new cities had emerged that have gathered people in and around them. Today, similarly, many villages and remote areas are deserted, but Greeks are certainly not vanished. 

However, the most significant proof for the racial continuity of Greeks would be the genetic examination of modern Greeks in comparison with the DNA of skeletons and bones of ancient Greeks. Of course, the “political correctness” forbids such procedures. The only relevant research has been conducted by the “Laboratory of Molecular Biology” of the Aristotelian University in Thessalonica, which has proved the close genetic relation between Greeks and Italians, and in a second level, between Greeks, French and Spanish. In any case, the development of the science of genetics is spectacular and all the clues lead to the conclusion that modern Greeks are the racial descendants of ancient Greeks. 

The continuity of Greek language and the imaginary “cross-breeds”

The issue of the language and its continuity through time is another proof of the Hellenic origin of modern Greeks. According to the famous book of Arnold Toynbee “Greeks and Their Heritages”, the distance between ancient and modern Greek language is shorter than the distance between the modern English language and the English language during the Shakespearean era.  

According to Arnold Toynbee: “the modern Greek language is not that different from the ancient Greek language, not as much as the modern English language and the Anglo-Saxon language. The connection between the ancient and the modern Greek language is closer than the connection between the modern and the medieval English language-a language that is partially comprehensible for speakers of the modern English language. In addition, the charm of the ancient Greek language remains significant. (page 170)

In other words, for three thousand years, the Greeks altered less their language than the English did through five hundred years. 

We also have to mention another argument of those who deny the racial continuity of Greeks in time. We have to give a proper answer to those who claim that modern Greeks are a mixture of Turks, Slavs and Albanians. Regarding Slavs, these cross-breeds are highly questionable, since the people that reside in Balkans are mostly Dinaric, with Illyrian and Thracian ancestors and have nothing to do with the Slavs that reside in the northern-eastern parts of Europe. 

And even if these cross-breeds happened there were minor and limited, since there is no Slavic dialect in Greece. There are only few Slavic toponyms in our northern territory, but the people who live in our Macedonia are TRUE GREEKS. Concerning the Turks, there were no cross-breeds within the Greek nation, but quite the opposite. Turks have Greek blood in their veins. Finally, regarding Arvanites, every information is honestly needless, since Arvanites constitute a pure Greek sub-race, with archaic traits in their language and their social structure as well. 

The soul of the race

However, the aspect in which is obvious not only the racial continuity of Greeks but also their origin from the great people that created the Ancient Greek Civilization, is the aspect of folklore traditions and religious customs. These customs were present in the life of modern Greeks till the 20th century. But then the urbanization and the cosmopolitan influence destroyed our traditions and customs. 

The great scholar and specialist in Greek folklore Nikolaos Politis was the first who proved that modern Greeks still believe in gods, fairies, elves and demons, like ancient Greeks did. Yet, why do these customs prove that modern Greeks are the descendants of ancient Greeks? Simply, because, otherwise, how could a foreign race believe in the traditions and the tales of another race, the ancient Greek race? 

Similarly, white Americans and Australians, in USA and Oceania, do not believe in the same traditions, legends and tales of the indigenous people of these continents. On the contrary, their folklore is filled with the traditions and the legends of their European metropolis. 

So, if modern Greeks are not descendants of ancient Greeks, how did they preserve all these ancient legends and tales in their soul? How can ancient and modern Greeks have the same mentality and psych, if they are not racially connected at all?

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s League-Golden Dawn