Greek or Cosmopolitan? Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Thursday, 28 December 2017 - 22:12

Greek or Cosmopolitan? Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Marxists and Liberals under the service of Globalization

The Nation and the states are two concepts with different meaning, from the point of experience, ideals and philosophy.

For us, the Nation is the Race and its Civilization throughout years, the tradition, or in other words the Soul of our Race. Only according to this point of view we believe in the notion of the Nation. A state can exists even if the Nation is enslaved or under persecution.


It is obvious that the knowledge of History is the indispensable element of a really national consciousness. However, does this knowledge exist? A Great but forgotten Greek has the answer:

Pericles Giannopoulos: newspaper “Acropolis” 11 March 1903: “In order for someone to speak regarding a Greek issue, whether linguistic, whether national whether social, he should resort to the past, to the History. But Greek History does not exist…”No matter how strange this may seem, the COMPLETE GREEK HISTORY does not exist. Even the History written by Paparegopoulos that has many characteristics of national history, is not a National-Racial History.

It is possible for the state and the Nation to be in conflict. If someone is interested exclusively for his activity in an economic community, then he is concerned only for the state, not for the Nation. An example: when an entrepreneur with activity in Turkey gains billions and brings billions to the “Greek” state, then why not being in favor of the Greco-Turkish friendship even at the expense of the Greek Nation?

Regarding this issue Ion Dragoumes notes: “The state that deforms the national soul must be gone. A state that represses the nation must either change or be gone. The state, when it blocks the development of the Nation, is unnecessary and harmful.”

“The Greeks of Greece believe that the Greek state is their reality. While the reality is different, is something else, the Hellenism, the Origin, the Lineage, the Nation. Even if Greece becomes occupied again, the Greek reality will survive, because is different from the Greek state. They always say: “do not react, do not make in issue, you put the Greek state in danger! So? Who cares about the Greek state?”


At this point we have to go through another issue, important for the relations between the Nation and the state. Regarding the construction of the state, which is the regime. According to Ion Dragoumes: “If we are a living race, then we will not stuck at the established political system. The constitution and the deputies constitute a sickness.” ION DRAGOUMES “HELLENISM AND GREEKS”.

Also, Pericles Giannopoulos makes a description of the modern Greek state: “Everywhere lie insignificant people, doing their job, serving their deputies, fulfilling the duties that their political party bestowed upon them. Heartless, mindless people who spread their poison to the Youth…”

Yet, another special political mind, who views the current situation from a different perspective, a modern intellectual, describes why Greece has these structures and became they state we all know. 

“The entry of Greece in in the international capitalistic system had specific consequences in her economy. Likewise, the entry of Greece in the international political system influenced her political structures. The institution of the Reigning Parliamentarism in the country  and in fact the institution of the universal suffrage, was not the outcome of internal procedures, but the answer of the power of the West against the disobedience of the government of Otto and their means of influence in this country.” PANAGIOTIS KONDYLIS “THE URBAN CHARACTERISTICS IN MODERN GREEK SOCIETY”


According to late Panagiotis Kondylis, the imposition of parliamentarism at our country had no other cause than to control Greece regarding the issues of foreign policy. To turn Greece into a docile instrument of the big powers. In this case, it is clear that we experience for almost 150 years a constant conflict between Nation and state, between those who act according to their faith at the Nation and those who serve the structures of apolitical-economic formation, which exist in order for our country to be under control!

We have already reached the era of “globalization”, where the borders fall and the states collapse…They get mashed into a global mechanism. However, if it is easy for a state to collapse, the Nation is really hard to do so and this fact constitutes the greatest problem for the rulers of “globalization”.

The great figure of Hellenism, Ion Dragoumes, like a prophet, had predicted the current era: “I love that much the Greek nature, that if all of us had to become cosmopolitan or Jewish, I would preferred to be called Greek. There is no need for that word, if all the humans in the earth become cosmopolitans of a vast democracy”.

So, the time has come for us to determine our nature: are we Greek or Cosmopolitans of a vast “democracy”? 

Nikolaos. G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn