Greek community supports Golden Dawn’s nationalists

Monday, 27 October2014 - 16:50

Greek community supports Golden Dawn’s nationalists

These days a big team from Golden Dawn supporters  with european parliament member Mr. George Epitidios and Golden Dawns political member Mr. Mihalis Gianongonas makes a political tour in New York.

Despite the political prosecutions against the Greek national movement, the solidarity spreads out all over the world

The amazing effort of the Greek nationalists is more obvious than ever before and the admiration for the Golden Dawn achievements is the starting kick for Europes rebirth and the end of the bankers.

The first visit of the Golden Dawn team took place in the holy church of Saint Irini in Astoria and the welcoming from the Greekamericans was awesome, proving that no terrorism or illegal arrests could brake our faith.

At this moment, in a hall full of Golden Dawn supporters Mr. George Epitidios and Mr Mihalis Ginongonas make their speaches about the honnest and brave fight of Mr Nicolaos Mihaloliakos and the rest of Golden Dawn jailed parliament members.

Presents in the speaches are dozens of Golden Dawn members and friends, representatives of other Greek cultural organizations the co ordinators of the Greek nationalists in the States Mr Konstantinos Papafilis and Mr Theodoros Liagouris and also members from Canada Italy Ireland Argentina and the rest of the United States