Greece is targeted and the citizens remain unconcerned! Article of N. G. Michaloliakos

Saturday, 30 September2017 - 12:07

Greece is targeted and the citizens remain unconcerned! Article of N. G. Michaloliakos

The Thessalonica International Trade Fair ended with the usual declarations of the prime minister, the leader of opposition and the heads of the rest political parties, where in these declarations there was nothing clear. 

 All the speeches of the political leaders were broadcasted by the public television, while all the great channels presented some excerpts from their speeches, except for one: the writer of this article, who is the head of the third political power of the country, according to the last three elections. And let aside the polls, which are not reliable.

“There is no room for development”

It is clear that there is no room for development and it will not be, if there is not a national economic policy with the return to the primary sector of economy, the protection of the national products and the exploitation of the mineral wealth of our country, which is extremely important and could save our Homeland from this economic crisis. 

N.D. announced an economic program, which according to SYRIZA is a copy of its own program and this fight illustrates that N.D. and SYRIZA follow the same policy, the memoranda policy. A policy that has destructed our country and even worse. 

It is obvious that Alexis Tsipras and his political partner Panos Kammenos enjoy till now the favor of the foreign interests and this is not going to change soon. They expect from SYRIZA to implement the harsh measures and afterwards they wait for the gradual succession of the liberal New Democracy, which does not seem able to form through the electoral procedures a self-sufficient government. At this point comes the plan of the internal and external “suzerains” for the creation of a third pole. 

The plan for a new strong PASOK

Here comes the plan for a new strong PASOK, which however does not seem practicable. Similarly in the past with the DIMAR of Fotis Kouvelis and Potami of Stavros Theodorakis. For those who know the political history of this land, there no political party, after the fall of their ratings, was ever able to regain its power. And this is visible sine 19th century. 

Really, what happened to the political party of Harilaos Trikoupis, Popular Party, the liberal party or the Enosi Kentrou? All of them disappeared from the political map of Greece after presenting low ratings.  Same goes with PASOK, but they cannot realize it, being in despair due to the rise of GOLDEN DAWN! 

The war against Golden Dawn is extremely escalated, to the point where the Constitution, the personal freedom and the law are being violated. However, the ‘sensitive” for the human rights Caesars remain unconcerned for this fact. 

From the other side, there are some well-intentioned people, who keep telling to us “we do not see you”. Where to they expect to see us? In their dreams? The TV has excluded us, the newspapers same, bans, counter-protests, state and parastatal terrorism. Maybe they should wonder why we cannot see them…

As long as the people remain unconcerned, the authority has nothing to fear

Despite the constantly escalated polemic, we continue our fight, knowing that we serve Faith, Homeland and freedom and knowing that there are hundred thousand of Greeks by our side, even if they do not dare to stand by us in our lines, our offices, our political fight. Today, GOLDEN DAWN constitutes the national innovation in a wonderful struggle, where our Homeland is targeted.

With no exception, the national issues at Northern Epirus, Macedonia, Thrace, Aegean and Cyprus are in crisis, while an Islamic arc spreads in Balkans, with Turkey being the dominant power. Unfortunately, the bankruptcy is not only economic, is also moral, political, social and national.

Greece is targeted, while the citizens, at least those with national consciousness, are content with their minor salaries, so they remain silent, by believing that suddenly a miracle will save them. 

As long as the citizens remain unconcerned, the authority has nothing to fear and therefore our first and foremost is to awake the Greeks and make them understand that nothing is going to save them, if they do not save themselves. 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn