Government ignorance for Cyprus issue

Friday, 24 October 2014 - 15:00

Golden Dawn parliament member Mr. Artemis Matheopoulos made a statement for the turkish foreign policy:

"in front of us we have the new turkish provocations against Cyprus followed from what has been told years ago from the prime minister of Greece in 1974 konstantinos karamanlis that Cyprus is far away from Greece!

The only political leader that has saved our lost dignity is the political prisoner Mr. Nicolaos Mihaloliakos"

Mr. Mihaloliakos said that the tratory government of Samaras - Venizelos make Turkey more and more aggressive.

Tasks of Golden Dawn will be the immediate declaration of the exclusive Greek economic zone, the use of the Greek energy sources and the total implant of Greek Cypriot alliance National policy leads us for a great Greek nation.