Golden Dawn’s Statement about the Epiphany feast from Piraeus port – VIDEO

Tuesday, 9 January 2018 - 16:31

The Member of Parliament of B’ Piraeus, Yannis Lagos, declared after the water sanctification of the port of Piraeus:

"The Golden Dawn wishes to all Greeks anywhere on earth many happy returns and especially with individual and National dignity.

In the difficult years we face, our Christianity and Orthodoxy keep on cohesion the Greek Nation. That should never be forgotten.

Lastly, we should emphasize as Golden Dawn, that the struggle we do not to sell our name Macedonia will be full-blown and until our last breath. We will not allow to any submissive to give the name of our Macedonia. No one has this right. None of the political dummies can and will not dare to sell that name.

When a state is against a Nation, then the Golden Dawn shouts "Down the State, Live long the Nation."Many Happy returns to everyone".