Golden Dawns Program for a Free and Powerful Nation.

Monday, 19 January2015 - 03:42

Golden Dawns Program for a Free and Powerful Nation.

Golden Dawn is the only political party with clear positions and concrete proposals. Οur task is to regain our national independence, the preservation of our economy, the geo-strategic upgrading of the country and above all the demographic rebirth of the Hellenism.

Here are the 12 key points of the program of Golden Dawn that respond to critical problems we face as a nation and as a society. All our positions will be published as an insert in the next edition of our newspaper and subsequently  thousands of copies will distributed throughout the country.

Ιt is the great responsibility of every activist and friend to make our political views known to the vast majority of the Greeks. Golden Dawn continues the political struggle from inside the prison. From behind bars have been created also the basic principals of the government program of the popular association Golden Dawn.

1.Political purification, thieves in prison, return what was stolen from the Greeks. Everyone who has stolen public money has to go to jail together with the politicians and the
corrupted public employers who abused the sweat of the Greek people. We demand the immediate withdrawal of immunity for every parliament member. Disconnect the public life from the corrupted and the liars.

2.Termination of the memorandum audit and delete of the illegal debt Golden Dawn remains steady in its position for unilateral termination of the memorandum.
On the contrary, Syriza has already agreed with the international moneylenders to continue the memorandum policy through the ECCL line. Immediate termination of the memorandum and start of the negotiations with the troika.

3.Repealing of the taxes for property  Immediate withdrawal of the catastrophic measures which led thousands of fellow citizens to commit suicide. End of real estate taxes  and reduction of VAT (Sales Tax) to increase economic activity and increase government revenues.

4. Delete bank debts with social criteria. Restructuring of the share capital of the banks which have been subsidized from the memorandum. Removal of bank debts for the Greek families and alleviation for the lower levels of society. Strong national bank under state control to increase national production.

5. Νational independence, territorial waters in 12 miles, a single defensive area between Greece and Cyprus Mapping Greek exclusive economic zone from Evros river till Kastelorizo island. Complaint to the UN security council of the Turkish “casus belli’ threat and expansion our territorial water borders to 12 miles. Application of the doctrine Greek-Cypriot joint defense space which will mean the union of Cyprus island with mother Greece.

6. Popular sovereignty referendums on every national and social issue. The president of the republic to be elected directly from the people, the parliament members shall be reduced to 180 from todays 300. Αll the privileges and the immunities of the MPs and the ministers will be deleted. The political parties will not be funded by the Greek state.

7. Exploitation of mineral, research and drilling for hydrocarbons in the exclusive economic zone. According to deutschebank there is a certain consideration for the existence of rich natural gas deposits in south of island Crete estimated of 427 billion euros. Different profits will come from the deposits of western Greece and the north Aegean oil.

8. Geostrategic turn to Russia and China Greece s energy map to the international energy map, open to the new markets of Russia and China.

9. Primary production with a goal of Greek self-sufficiency. Golden Dawn strongly declares yes to the national production because as Panagiotis Kondilis says “1% of industrial development worth a hundred times more than 1% of tourism development. Because only industrial development contribute to the self-sufficiency of the land.

10. Demand for German compensation and registration of the war loan to the state budget Ιn 1946 the occupation loan of Germany to Greece was 100 billion euros. since then the debt ceased to be interest free. As a result the amount today reaches 500 billion euros.  Only a national government would be able to claim what German loan sharks owe to Greece.

11. Priority to every Greek in any area of public life First the Greeks in every aspect of public life (health work etc). Repatriation of all illegal immigrants to their home countries. Immediate suppression of imported and local crime.

12. National planning for the demographic problem Tax concessions and privileges for couples with many children. Large subsidy of maternity so that we do not become a minority in our own homeland.