Golden Dawn will not be intimidated by terrorism - We stand strong against the system

Sunday, 30 November2014 - 14:50

Golden Dawn will not be intimidated by terrorism - We stand strong against the system

A failed terrorist attack was uncovered recently at the local Golden Dawn office in Perama, a port suburb of the city of Piraeus. A backpack filled with an explosive device was discovered outside the office, however the firing mechanism failed to ignite the bomb, ensuring no damage or injuries in the densely populated area.

This planned act of terrorism is obviously indicative of the works of the criminal leftists, who act as proxies for corrupt regime. This failed terrorist attack is just further proof of how spineless and evil the leftists truly are, as the local area where the bomb was planted is a highly active area, where numerous locals, workers, and other civilians frequent. Ask yourself this -how would these leftists terrorist feel if an innocent child was nearby at the time of explosion? Probably the same lack of feeling they experienced when they murdered the innocent pregnant woman who worked as a bank teller during their primitive riots and arson attacks.

Golden Dawn continues to stand tall against all odds - countless attacks, unconstitutional arrests, and even gutless murders have proven unsuccessful in stopping the rise of the Nationalists in Greece. The efforts of the terrorist forces against only further strengthen our will to claim victory.

In response to the cowardly planned attack, Golden Dawn announced a protest to show that we will not be shaken by terrorism. Hundreds of Golden Dawn supporters and dozens of senior members gathered at the local office in Perama. The message was loud and clear; Golden Dawn is here! Terrorist attacks will not scare us, we are here to stay. Neither bullets or prisons will stop us, nothing will stand in our way.