Golden Dawn: The ultimate evil of an antinational government-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Wednesday, 15 November 2017 - 01:08

Golden Dawn: The ultimate evil of an antinational government-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos


They claim we should change, be “realists” at last. They claim that the enemy is invincible and that their money can buy souls, hearts, consciousness, voices and pens. They claim that is utopia the faith to the Nation, the Ideology, the Principles and the Ideals, in an era where the banks, the stock market, the television stations and the newspapers govern this world that is sunken into nothing, into the immorality, the zero! Like another Don Quixote, loyal to the eternal symbol of the Ideal of Chivalry, against the suzerains of the times of money, we answer them that their “realism” is nothing else than slavery and submission.

When the Parliament denied a minute’s silence

We answer them that is not utopic to honor your values and while I write these lines, I recall a silence march of proud Men and Women who hold in their hands torches, flags and nationalistic banners, towards a Cemetery  in order to honor the Memory of two fallen Brave Men. The Greek parliament denied to keep a minute of silence in their Memory.

If we were “realists” we would never remember them, we should have forgotten them, and remember only what they want from us to remember every day. Well, they did not gave in and we shall remember as long as we exist in this world, the great and wonderful world, the Greek. We shall not forget the recent speeches in the Parliament, when the prime-minister of the government of the “bolshevists” and the “patriots” claims that this country is safe! 

Well, let us remember some incidents of this famous…safety. Well, they chased and beat in the capital of the country three army cadets and a soldier, and the same happened in the Syntagma square because a civilian had a tattoo with Greek symbols! In fact, this person stated that he was beaten in presence of police forces, who were watching apathetically. Few day later, professional communists of PAME beat an owner of a store under the presence of police while they also severely beat a student because he was wearing a forbidden phrase for the antinationalists “molon labe”! I forgot to note that our calumniators who proliferate at the media, claimed that the assaulters thought that these people were members pf Golden Dawn, as if they were members of Golden Dawn then there was no problem! 

A wreck named Greek state

There was no reaction in this shipwreck named Greek state of 2017, which is the least Greek and not a state! The chairman of ND attempted to denounce all these in the Parliament but it was not really appropriate, since in the argument “what have you done all these years for this?” he could not answer. 

As for those who beat Officers and Soldiers, civilians because they present Greek symbols, they are the same who burn the Greek Flag, they hate Greece and they so not hide that. Yet, if we were “realists” we would not be bothered with these, since these are mere details in this consummative society where everything is give and take.  Everything are numbers, shares and interest rates, which ho from bad to worse. The fact that the Greek economy goes downwards does not bother the propagandists, who continue to claim that everything in the economy is fine…

Besides, Mr. Schauble in an interview at SKAI said everything is fine. So, the unemployed, those who lost their stores, those who may lose their property can sleep well. Everything is fine…And of course, a new campaign against Golden Dawn was also necessary, because of an incident that we did denounced. 

Nationalism: The youth of the World

Well, if we were “realists”, subdued, we should have forgotten the fact that Greek Thrace is free because thousands of Greek men spilt their blood, the elite of the Nation in those heroic wars at the 20th century. So, we must not be surprised by the fact that the vice-president of the Turkish government came in the territory of Free Greece and provocatively referred to a Turkish minority, he called Skopje as “Macedonia” and addressed to the Greek muslims he told them that mother Turkey has not forgotten them. And all these while a secretary of the state was next to him and did nothing, since he could at least leave as a sign of disapproval for the words of the Turkish politician.

In the same day, at the Eastern Aegean at the cliffs of Imia, where the blood of three Brave Men of our Navy carved the Greek Flag, took place another Turkish defiance. The flight of Turkish helicopter in our national sovereign territory. Yet the nice “realists” who govern us, did not considered this a great issue. 

There is no coincidence that all the political parties denied a minute of silence for the dead and the Heroes of the Iraklion street, and it is better that way. Otherwise it would be hypocritical. They revealed their true self, full of hatred towards Nationalism. Well, Nationalism will always be the youth of this world! 

For them GOLDEN DAWN is the ultimate evil and because they believe this, it means that we have chosen the right path ALWAYS against their “realism”, the “realism” of the subdued. We raise to the stars our Flag and the torches of Honor, which symbolize the Souls of our Great Fallen Men. 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn