GOLDEN DAWN: The National Opposition-Article of N. G. Michaloliakos

Thursday, 18 May2017 - 23:31

GOLDEN DAWN: The National Opposition-Article of N. G. Michaloliakos

Submission and Passivity our greatest enemy

Not a long time has passed since the day when someone in this country, who pretend to be valid analysts celebrated the result of the referendum in Turkey and write that Turkey was divided and her role was downgraded! Yet, it is evident from the developments that Turkey is upgraded in a peripheral power with a special strategic importance in the area. 

A Turkish Missile will be able to strike Athens and Thessalonica! 

After the agreements with Putin the plan of construction of a nuclear station in Turkey proceeds and it is the first step for the construction of nuclear weapons, while the agreement for the conductor Turkish stream also proceeds, as the issue of the purchase from Ankara of missiles S- 400 of Russian construction also remains open and their supply will tragically reverse the balance of power in the area.

In the small print of the interdependent system of information of Greek People, whose objective is no other than the disorientation of the nation from his great and important matters, was the test of the ballistic missile BORA by Turkey in Black Sea. A missile which is able, with a range of 280 kilometers, to strike from the coast line of Turkey Athens, Thessalonica and Heraklion of Crete!

Yet the governors are dispassionate, in the moment when Ankara is building around us a Turkish arc, surrounding Greece!

The “patriotic” cloak of an antinational establishment 

From the side of the government, Panos Kammenos, who has the mission to pretend the “patriotic” cloak of an anti-national establishment, speaks about the need of a Christian arc, while the government in which he is included, opens up towards the illegal state of Kosovo and remains apathetic to the fact that with the approval of Turkey and USA, the Albanians become the political coalition in the state of Skopje. 

New Democracy, by her side, not only does not react to the actions of the government SYRIZA-ANEL, but it officially accuses her with a current question of her MPS, that she does…nationalistic politics! 

The Turkish arc, well, along with Albania, Kosovo and Skopje directly threatens our Homeland and despite all these, the dominant system of Media present Turkey as weakened, being the fifth column at the expense of the national interests. 

Our enemy is the submission

These regarding the foreign policy. In the internal political front, the Government of SYRIZA is building a regime by following the tactics of the old political parties, while this government brings the new memorandum, which will literally subdue any trace of national economy and prepares the path for the total selling out of the country, by mortgaging the mineral wealth of our Homeland. And it is no irrelevant the fact that with recent official announcements came in public the fact that there are rich deposits of hydrocarbons in our region. 

The elections that ND wanted to happen immediately, do not happen and despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of the citizens in the polls believe that in the upcoming elections ND will be the first political party, but in the question who is the most appropriate prime minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis has a right of only 26%! 

In parallel, the anti-national propaganda due to the illegal entrance in our Homeland of foreign and refugees constitutes the dominant doctrine at Media. 

In simple words, our Homeland is going from bad to worse and the sole voice of a real national opposition is no other than the Movement of Greek Nationalists, GOLDEN DAWN! GOLDEN DAWN which is presented at 10% by the political enquiries and my estimation is that this percentage is able to change the political status quo in our Homeland, if there is volition, faith and struggle. Because the occasional majorities NEVER wrote History.

With all means available, with our newspapers, our voice in the internet, our personal fight, each and every one of us should give take part in the battle and our greatest enemy are not our political rivals, whose influence at the people is minor and an example of their constantly reduced influence are the gatherings of SYRIZA, where we see only few decades of citizens to be assembled. 

Our greatest enemy today, the enemy of GOLDEN DAWN and the Nation is the submission that has been spread throughout the country. This is what we must fight first of all! The submission and the passivity which threaten the survival of our great Nation.

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn