Golden Dawn, politics and the dirty game of canvassing-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Thursday, 8 February 2018 - 01:12

Golden Dawn, politics and the dirty game of canvassing-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

It was December of 1980, 37 years ago, when the first issue of the newspaper with the title “Golden Dawn” was launched. This title illustrated our aspiration and our dream for a Golden Dawn of Hellenism that will end the deep darkness of degeneration, contrary to the claims of our calumniators!

The aim of this newspaper is not political in the form of elections, but political in the way that great Aristoteles defined politics. More precisely, in the first issue it was mentioned: “In the drain of the marxist and liberal media, an honest and brave voice rises. A voice genuinely Greek and determined. In this newspaper we will present numerous philosophical, ideological, historical and social issues. Our main aspiration is to keep this newspaper away from any form of political struggle. Of course, that does not mean we are indifferent towards the tragedy of our People, but we consider political too dirty for us to occupy with…”

Indeed, we were not occupied with politics by making appointments and promises to the private interests of our compatriots. In reality, watching the people around us, we never though they would ever join our political, but mostly Ideological Movement like GOLDEN DAWN. 

“Since 90ies something changed” 

The average Greek, in the era of wealth, loans, cards, funding, was leaving in the nightmare of the consummation, which led him in the current economic crisis. However, since 90ies something changed. We saw that that our People have string feeling about our Nation, passion about our Homeland, so we decided to take part in electoral and political procedures. 

So, at April 12 of 1992, at hotel “Caravel” in Athens, took place the second conference of Golden Dawn, where we presented our political positions and defined our strategic and tactics. It was obvious that the conditions favored the creation of a nationalistic political movement, which will strongly intervene to the Greek society. The national affairs were in crisis and in Greece arrived the first waves of illegal immigrants. Golden Dawn was the first to be in the front line of battle for all the national affairs, for Northern Epirus, Macedonia, Cyprus, Thrace and Aegean. We also predicted that the problem with the illegal immigrants would become a major national and social issue for our Homeland. 


In my recently launched book, with the title “THE FIRST YEARS”, regarding the rallies about Macedonia in 90ies I write: “Prompted by my reference to these national rallies at Thessalonica, Athens and other big cities of Greece where Golden Dawn participated, I want to repeat that we were really skeptical about them, because even though we were aware of the patriotism of Greek People, who are able to make miracles happen and other brave deeds, in parallel, we knew that those who organized these rallied and pretended to be leaders, except for Venerable Metropolitan of Thessalonica Panteleimon and the former minister of northern Greece Papathemelis, did not match the circumstances and would easily forget the threat of Skopje and the Macedonian issue, something that happens today. The patriotism of our People is not enough for a national fight. There is need for determined leaders, hard men, who will be the right example and lead the people to their final mission. And such men never existed among the professional politicians.”

Rallies do happen again, like in the past, again for our Macedonia. Let us hope that this time the passion for the Nation will not fade away, but shall become a creative power, a changing wind that will reach every corner of Greece and shall resurrect our Nation and our People. And Greek men will no longer have feeing of defeat and misery and they will raise again their head, their eyes, watching directly the sun, a sun eternally Greek! 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn