Golden Dawn on the epicenter of the political life! Article by N. G. Michaloliakos

Wednesday, 2 January 2019 - 14:32

Golden Dawn on the epicenter of the political life! Article by N. G. Michaloliakos

A reply to SYRIZA and New Democracy 

New Democracy, after a long time and after seeing the whole people reacting, “remembered” with enough delay, of course, that the “Prespa agreement” constitutes a betrayal and ordered its MPs and party officials to attack SYRIZA, but without disputing ... the name, only the nationality and the language, even though the reality is that the term “Macedonia” in the name of Skopje hands in both the nationality and the language!

In fact, Kyriakos Mitsotakis himself said at the conference of New Democracy: “New Democracy will not ratify the Prespa agreement, neither now, nor in the next parliament, or ever”. But he will not need to ratify it, if the current parliament ratifies it. Why didn’t he simply say that he WILL CANCEL IT?

Many “eminent speakers” attacked Golden Dawn at the Conference of New Democracy, and accused her of cooperating with SYRIZA! Who said that? It was said by those who voted together with SYRIZA the 2015 Memorandum.

That happened at the New Democracy conference in Athens, because in Thessaloniki, in a failed gathering entitled “Yes to the Macedonia of Democracy and Solidarity – No to hatred and nationalism”, Alexis Tsipras said the following: “Thessaloniki today gives an answer to the darkness, to the hatred, to nationalism and the patriotic mongering. Thessaloniki, Macedonia, Greece will not turn back, we will not let the political crooks who have plundered our country and threw it on the rocks of bankruptcy, to dress up today with chlamys and helmets pretending to be the supreme patriots, while they are holding hands with the neo-nazis of Golden Dawn. We will not allow the heirs, the offspring of politicians and the receivers of grants by Siemens and Novartis, to pretend to be super-patriots and to call the Left, the democratic side of the great fights, the progressive and democratic citizens, as traitors and yielders”.

On the epicenter of the country's political life, there’s GOLDEN DAWN, even though the “pimps” of the system do not like it, no matter how much we are excluded by the mass media of the oligarchs. As for Alexis Tsipras’ comment concerning Siemens and Novartis, he’d better search for the people from the deep PASOK who are now in SYRIZA.

Nevertheless, I replied to New Democracy and SYRIZA with the following statement on our website, on December 15, 2018: “It took New Democracy 6 whole months to realize that the Prespa agreement constitutes treason. Did they realize it after the rallies and the uprising of the whole Greek people for our Macedonia? Are they really against the Prespa agreement or is it another political demagogy? Really, why do they only speak about nationality and language but do not say a word about the name? If the “Prespa agreement” is treacherous, then what is the compound name?

As for Alexis Tsipras and his statements in Thessaloniki about traitors, he seems to forget that the side he belongs to, the left communist side, fought in the past – even with arms – for an “independent Macedonia and Thrace”. Was that not treason? Therefore, he’d better not talk about the Greek Nationalists of Golden Dawn, who have proved that they are unyielding patriots, while he belongs to a political side with a long history of national treasons. 

Nicolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s League – Golden Dawn