Golden Dawn: Double Referendum on the memorandums and the Greek debt – Commentary article by Ilias Kasidiaris

Friday, 19 December2014 - 03:33

Golden Dawn: Double Referendum on the memorandums and the Greek debt – Commentary article by Ilias Kasidiaris

The fear of a Grexit is non-existent because such a thing is not provided for by the very structure of a common currency itself…

Golden Dawn would give its answer to this dead end political policy with two referendums on both the memorandums and the Greek debt.

Golden Dawn MP, Ilias Kasidiaris, in a article goes over the economic proposal of the People’s Federation of Golden Dawn and answers to the government’s communication policy of terror.  

Despite the campaign of mudslinging on the part of the Greek systemic media, the intelligent thinking citizens of Greece understand that our party posses a well-founded proposal  in order for Greece to rid itself from the binds of the international bankers.

If Golden Dawn were to accomplish forming a national government after the upcoming elections, it would immediately proceed in conducting a dual referendum.

A fresh mandate of the people from a referendum that would be sealed by a crushing majority of citizens would give us real bargaining power over against our usurious “partners” which are made sick simply at the mentioning of the world “referendum.”  

We would ask of the Greek people the following if they so desire:

a).  the immediate termination of the memorandums and the start of negotiations with the Troika from ground zero and…

b). a cut in the Greek debt by as much as 50% at the percentage that belongs to the European Fund for Economic Stability and not from private individuals, the IMF or transnational loans. 

The two above-mentioned acts are politically feasible, they provide viable solutions and ensure for the country the ability to create real grow within itself and to finally start producing.   

The sole prerequisite here is that Greece will be represented by serious political players rather than by today's Berlin political officials, Venizelos and Samaras both of whom have been feeding off of Siemens for decades now.

Tsipras and SYRIZA still tremble at even putting out the world “referendum.”  Apparently because this word doesn’t go well with those international terrorists from Brussels and those market crows that have been speculating for ages at the expense of Greece (I am referring to “ages” here because the economic occupation of the country, via wasteful lending, takes us back to era of the first loans of this struggle of the nation from the usurious bankers from the City of London).  

A strong, nationalistic Greece–with a European orientation along with a parallel objective of widening its geopolitical horizons with a turn toward Russia and China–can escape from today’s relationship with a sovereign protectorate that accompanies it with usurious lenders.  

The fear of a “Grexit” that those ridiculous supports of the Samaras/Venizelos coalition government like to call upon is non-existent because such a thing is not provided for by the structure of a common currency itself.  

The commision may resort to the European court if it deems that a country does not fulfill some of its obligations, but it can’t, though, just simply toss it out of the Euro (Eurozone) as if it were some unruly student in elementary school.  

But the notorious “bank run” scenario is nothing more than a myth that serves the malicious government politicians.  

But even if and when the two-month extension of the current memorandum ends, Greece will still be able to go forward in a dual referendum and can negotiate without having to directly sign on to any new commitment like a preventive support line as is publicized by Samaras.

It would be simply neccessary for it to enter into a status of  “emergency liquidity assistance” (ELA) and nothing , essentially, would change beyond an increase in interest rate lending around 1 to 1.5% from the systemic banks from the ECB.  No matter how horrible and scary the little parroting politicians from Maximou Hall may describe it (like former Minister of Finance, Stounaras), these are all just idiotic lies so as to terrorize the elderly voters of New Democracy.  Neither is the country going to collapse nor are we going to be struck by some earthquake, get hit by a plaugue, a cataclysmic event, a volcanic eruption, be attacked by dragons, be bombed by the Turks nor suffer an attack by extraterrestrials. 

The terrorism of Samaras/Venizelos regime has surpassed all levels of a picturesque scenario, and if there were ever a serious district attorney in Greece, he would have intervened by now and rounded up those political frauds of the coalition government that ridicule the Greek people and that have literally tarnished the whole nation.  

Our usurious partners are, certainly, not going to give us anything for free which is why a sovereign nation state that will make the most of the geostrategic advantages of Hellenism is able to negotiate and assert our national laws.

Here energy will, of course, play a major role; in other words, the hydrocarbon reserves which Greek governments in recent decades have denied that they even exist. 

When the first estimates from Deutsche Bank found the light of day concerning the potential profits just from the natural gas deposits South of Crete, I said in the Greek parliament that the goal of the German government was the total dissolution of our economy so that a seizure of our natural resources would ensue.  

That what every serious usurious banker does:  first he dries you of liquidity and after that he snatches your property.  

Berlin, otherwise, has an immediate need for energy resources in order to fuel industry. 

A strong, nationalistic Greece that would utilize its energy wealth for the benefit of the Greeks would certainly have an entirely different position on the international economic scene. 

The road that Golden Dawn has taken, which is the road of resistance, is not easy and the solutions that we propose are not magical.  They are, however, feasible.

Hard work is required by all along with a nation-wide effort and toil for many years to come in order for Greece to rise once again.

- Ilias Kasidiaris is a Greek MP from the party Golden Dawn