Golden Dawn commemorates the victims of the genocide of Pontian Hellenism - Photojournalistic report with video

Saturday, 23 May 2015 - 01:29

Golden Dawn commemorates the victims of the genocide of Pontian Hellenism - Photojournalistic report with video

May 19: National Day of Remembrance. This is a day that we all ought to engrave in our memories and hearts for, by doing so, we create for ourselves the best form of National Resistance.

Golden Dawn commemorated the victims of the genocide of Greeks of Pontus, which exceed 350,000, with a modest event at the Akriton Sea Square in Acharnes.

During this ceremoney there were traditional Pontian songs sung, a showcasing of rare audiovisual material,  a laying of wreaths, talks about the historical events that led to the genocide of the Pontic Greeks, a mentioning of the proclamations the Turks had announced proving that they, indeed, had exterminated the Greeks, as well as references to the stances of the traitors in Greece (see Greek party KKE) during this time and their own words about the massacre of so many thousands of our compatriots.

The slogan "Pontus is Greek land," "We are for Nationalism" and "Go Golden Dawn!” resonated throughout the atmosphere of the event.

The Secretary of the Local Organization Acharnon and member of the Central Committee, Nikos Lemontzis, recounted the tragic events of the uprooting, the persecutions and of the atrocities of the bands of butchers of Kemal Ataturk that led to the genocide of Pontian Hellenism stressing that the Nationalist Movement of Golden Dawn honors and will never forget the enslaved Homelands in opposition to the fake poltical Right and the etho-nihilist Left in Greece.

Golden Dawn MP of B' Athens, Elias Panagiotaros, noted that the political persecution of Golden Dawn continues to go on with illegally detained allies of the party as well as those who are under house arrest as they are not allowed to participate in this event and to pay their tributes, in person, to the victims of Pontian Hellenism.  He stressed that, nevertheless, the Greek nationalists shall continue unabated with their political fight against Albanian, Macedonian and Turkish conspirators against their Greek Homeland.

Finally, Golden Dawn MP State, Christos Pappas, after stating that the Golden Dawn never ceased to talk about the honorable national claims that we should have as people, urged his fellow Golden Dawn supporters to stay faithful to the Greek idea, to Golden Dawn and to the voice truth!

At the end there was held a moment of silence in memory of the 353,000 slain and all in attendance together sang the National Anthem.