Golden Dawn and the…”patriots” who partner with the bolshevists-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Saturday, 11 November 2017 - 21:51

Golden Dawn and the…”patriots” who partner with the bolshevists-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

When the “legal culture” counts for an Albanian murderer, but not for the MPs of Golden Dawn!

It is recent the incident when the minister of Justice cancelled the presumption of innocence for the MPs of Golden Dawn. At Friday November 3 of 2017 the prime minister referred to the murdered “of the lawyer Zafeiropoulos with the phrase: “alleged murderer”. The following are for the record: 

“ALEXIS TSIPRAS: “Apart from the liberation of the entrepreneur Lembidakis and the arrestment of his abductors, apart from the discovery of the murder of Zafeiropoulos, apart from the arrestment of the alleged murderer…


ALEXIS TSIPRAS: He is a suspect until the proof of his guilt, according to our legal culture”. 

Indeed, there is the legal culture, yet they do not respect this culture when it comes to Golden Dawn, so they violate the Constitution and the laws. Besides, the following prove this fact:

“ALEXIS TSIPRAS: Mr. Mitsotakis, it is obvious that you inspect the anomy according to your far-right rhetoric. You observe the anomy only at Exarheia but not among the hooligans, who attack to offices of newspapers, since their owners have conflicts with the owners of their team, but not at the actions of the raid guilds of Golden Dawn…”

One more campaign against Golden Dawn 

We expected nothing else from the admirer of Mao Zedong and Fidel Castro. Yet, in order to be fair, all the political parties and the media follow the same tactics! They accept to discuss with the relics of Stalinism, Vasilis Leventis, but not with GOLDEN DAWN, which is the third political power of the country, despite the calumniations, the exclusions and the bans! 

On the contrary, the media willingly culminate GOLDEN DAWN without giving us a chance to confront their accusations. 

Few days ago, took place the fiasco at Ampelokipi, where they accused GOLDEN DAWN, they organized protests and marches, and then it was proved that GOLDEN DAWN had no relation with this incident. So, there was another week with a campaign against Golden Dawn, but at this point I will not refer to the anarchists and communists and the corrupted persons of this sinful system. I will refer to those who pretend the “patriots” yet they fight passionately and viciously GOLDEN DAWN. All these “patriots” have no difference from SYRIZA, ANTARCYA, the channels and the “anti-authoritarians”.

“Those who are not 100% with us, are 100% against us”

At Thursday of November 1 of 2017 we honored the memory of our Comrades who died from the fire of the red murderers at the field of honor. None of those who pretend to be patriots said a single word. They said no word about the false witnesses at the trial of Golden Dawn and why would they do that, since they desire our conviction in order to have a chance in the political sphere…They said no word about the fact that in the protest of our brothers of Northern Epirus at the Albanian embassy the only MPs who stood by their side were the MPs of GOLDEN DAWN. They did not notice this either…

They reached the point to personally accuse me, claiming about a secret meeting with the ambassador of Pakistan! Dreary calumniators, is this really a secret meeting since it took place publically at my office on the Greek Parliament? They also claimed that I…apologized, while in reality in this meeting I stated the positions of GOLDEN DAWN against the illegal immigration and I denounced all these groups along with ANTARCYA who take part in the assemblages and the marches against GOLDEN DAWN.

Lies, lies, never ending lies from these “patriots’ against GOLDEN DAWN. They hate our accomplishments, the fact that the Nationalistic Movement constitutes the third political power of the country! And while the political establishment fight us in this deceitful and perfidious way, they do exactly the same thing. 

We know very well that some of them get paid to fight GOLDEN DAWN, others have hatred towards us, while others are simply stupid. Those who doubt about us, who have not understand our harsh struggle, who do not respect our fallen heroes and the cells of honor where we were captives by a political conspiracy of an antinational government, we do not need them, nor do we want them by our side. 

Dear Comrades, you should realize that those who pretend to be “patriots” and accuse GOLDEN DAWN, in reality are the enemies of the National Idea and those who are not 100% with us, are 100% against us.

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn