Golden Dawn: “Against the traitors of SYRIZA - ND: Macedonia Is Only Greek!”

Monday, 15 January 2018 - 18:40

The position of the People's Association and the entire Greek people for resistance to the betrayal that are preparing the parliamentary traitors (from Syriza to ND and ANEL) was expressed today by a statement of our representative in the peristyle of the Parliament:

"The national parliamentary traitors - Syriza, New Democracy and others - want to concede the name of Macedonia to the State of Skopje, but they will find the Golden Dawn and the whole Greek people against them: Macedonian Is Only Greek!"

The Golden Dawn’s Press Representative responded to journalists' questions about the 1500-page bill, stating that the government's purpose is that its MPs not even to read the Memorandums and the bills, but to vote for them as subordinates of international usury.