Georgios Germenis: Τhe Last Fortress of our Nation

Tuesday, 18 November 2014 - 13:23

Georgios Germenis: Τhe Last Fortress of our Nation

Last saturday during the standard speech that took place at Golden Dawn's offices in Athens, an intervention has been made by George Germenis through the prison - cells of Honor

"It is my pleasure to speak to you even under these difficult circumstances through the phones of korydallos prison. The tyrannic regime puts as all in jail because we are taking votes from them and our percentages climbing dangerously for their corrupt system. 

Υou have just to remember Dendias statement in Hatzinikolaou talk show, "by puting Golden Dawn in prison we managed to keep their percentages to 10% before the elections for the european parliament". Τhats what Samaras said to Baltakos,"i will put them to jail and their rates will go to 2%". For bad luck though Golden Dawn lasted firmly held its power and had a great rally. This is due to all of you who continue to fight and of course to many other Greeks who saw the injustice so clearly. 

We must all understand that no one will ever support us, we are against this corrupted system against the hypocrites, against all those who brought the country to collapse, we are against all!

So now we have to fight even harder than before, first of all because our movement has fallen heroes and secondly because it has prisoners. This is the best time for us to fight, in this period of great changes, we are the storm - birds that fly against any wind. Therefore i ask you to continue your fight, don't close your selves in between your house walls. Go out to your neighborhours and keep everyone informed for this injustice, and for the ideas of Golden Dawn. Tell them about our national issues, for the economic poverty, for the illegal immigrants who arrive hundreds every day and occupy villages and this sacred land!

Finally i want the Athens bureau to staff every election department with Golden Dawn representatives because elections will come soon and we want every single vote. 

Fellow comrades, if you do these things victory will be ours. The government is already collapsing and Golden Dawn must be prepared. Being a member of Golden Dawn for the last 18 years and by knowing the Athens secretary and friend John Vouldis, i am sure that he will his best in order not to disappoint me and further more our leader Nicolaos Mihaloliakos.

Golden Dawn is Hellas and if Golden Dawn does not exist there will be no country for us. So its either us or them, either Hellas or ashes. Have a good fight to everyone!!