G. Michaloliakos: Greeks will not allow the treason against our Macedonia! VIDEO

Friday, 2 February 2018 - 15:23

The Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn made a speech in the Parliamentary Group of the political party, regarding the developments on the Macedonian issue and the sad anniversary of the tragedy at Imia. 

At first, he commented on the repeated exclusion of Golden Dawn from ERT, noting that this junta will not pass. 

They cannot exclude us from People, the streets and the squares, where Golden Dawn grew and keeps fighting for Greece.

After congratulating the Cyprian Nationalists for the great victory of ELAM at the elections, he stressed that the national issues are the priority for Golden Dawn.

The fight for our Macedonia is an ideal way above the interests of the political party. The political parties divide, our Homeland unite us! 

Concerning the name of our Macedonia, he made it clear that is Greek and cannot be offered to Slavs. 

Regarding the late self-proclaimed “protectors of Macedonia” like the conspirator Samaras, he revealed that the government of Samaras along with the vice-chairman Evaggelos Venizelos at 2014 gave everything to Skopje, since they have talked about a compound name with a geographical definition next to the term Macedonia. 

In addition, he reminded the statements of Dendias and Dora Mpakogianni for the name of Skopje, noting that crime is when a Greek names Skopje as “Macedonia”. 

Greek People has revolted with their massive participation at the rallies in Thessalonica and Athens, where they send a vibrant message about our Macedonia.

For his exclusion from the meeting of the Prime Minister with the political leaders, he stated that this antinational government is afraid even of mentioning the name “Golden Dawn”.

22 years after the tragic anniversary of the night at Imia, where three Greek officers had an heroic death, for the first time, after a proposal of Golden Dawn, there was a moment of silence in the Greek Parliament. 

At the night of the 31st of January of 1996 only Golden Dawn was outside of the Greek Parliament in order to protest for the treason and the national defeat, the fact that the Greek Flag fell in a sovereign Greek territory. 

He made it clear that despite the action of the traitor politicians, there are hundreds of Comrades of Golden Dawn, who will not accept this treason and will reject this agreement. 

Finally, the Leader of Golden Dawn called everyone o keep a moment of silence in the honor of the three fallen Heroes. 

Captain Christodoulos Karathanasis, Captain Panagiotis Vlahakos, Standard-bearer Ectoras Gialopsos: IMMORTAL!