From the Greek newspaper “Dimokratia”...  Golden Dawn will take third in order to create a government from within prison

Wednesday, 7 January2015 - 10:44

From the Greek newspaper “Dimokratia”...  Golden Dawn will take third in order to create a government from within prison

Journalist Andreas Kapsabelis with an article in the Sunday edition of the newspaper “Dimokratia” analyses the paradoxical scenario that Golden Dawn’s leader, Nicolas Mihaloliakos, finds himself in: the possibility of him becoming the new Greek Prime Minister under constitutional dictates while, at the same time, remaining, illegally, imprisoned.

This journalist explains that this is a defective Greek state seeing that the third political power of the country will be conducting their election campaign behind bars, bars of honor that is.

He then covers the election climate and the potential ranking of Golden Dawn and the ultimate vigilance and preparation this will take as the lists of candidates are full and overflowing.  However, there still is no question being raised over the illegally imprisoned fellow members of ours who, without any doubt, will participate in the elections.

In addition, a reference was made to the objective task of Golden Dawn for the forthcoming elections which is none other than the capturing of third place as well as gaining double digits with around 25-30 elected deputies in parliament.  This will entail taking over a significant role as the only national opposition party which is a force for resistance against the corrupt regime that continues with its memorandum policies with the TROIKA.

This journalist, Kapsabelis, after confirming the obvious that Golden Dawn is beyond any doubt the third political power, poses the potential big hit that the political system will take once more when our chief, Nicholas Mihaloliakos, will take the third exploratory mandate.  

In any case, the main task of Nicholas Mihaloliakos’ political party is assuming third place which, according to exit polls, is putting up a good fight against Stavros Theodorakis’ political party, “POTAMI” (the “RIVER”).  Apart from any political symbolism, as leader of the third political party, Mr Mihaloliakos will be entitled to form a government.  As it is expressly written in the Greek constitution, if on January 25th of this year a majority government does not arise out of elections, the President of the Hellenic Republic will first invite the leader of the first political party and will assign to him the command of the government which will last three days.

If this does not work the mandate will be entrusted to the leader of the second political party and then, if this doesn’t work, to the leader of the third political party.

Therefore, it is possible for such conditions to take place which will render Mr. Mihaloliakos as the Prime trustee of the Greek government for three days. The only way to prevent this from happening–which is an indispensable step in order for a meeting to follow with the political leaders in order to find a solution–is to provide for a government formation in the previous phase of the exploratory mandates.

We recall that in May of 2012 when efforts were being made to form a new government, Mr. Mihaloliakos was contacted by the President, Mr. Karolos Papoulias.  Of course, the question that arises now is how this procedure can be done because even if Mr Mihaloliakos is let out of prison, he will still be under house custody and it will be impossible for him to have contact with anyone!