From Prespa at 1949 to Prespa of 2018-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Saturday, 23 June 2018 - 03:14

From Prespa at 1949 to Prespa of 2018-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

17 of June 2018: A dark page in Greek History

From Prespa at the 5th plenary of the Central Commission of KKE (Communist Party) the communists started the treason against our Macedonia. A treason that was completed 69 years later by the government of SYRIZA-ANEL. 

At Prespa at January of 1949, the 5th plenary of KKE of the Central Commission of KKE made the following decision: “The result of the victory of the democratic army will be the complete national independence of Macedonian people, according to their will”. 

It took 69 whole years for the election of a communist government which implement the decision of the comintern, a clearly antinational decision! At Sunday morning, a government which does not represent Greek People but only a mere minority, proceeded to an agreement with gives the name of Macedonia to the Slavs of the area of Skopje, without taking into account the History, the Nation, the Will of the majority of Greek People. 

On the other hand, is New Democracy really honest regarding this issue? Here is an excerpt of the vote of no confidence of New Democracy which we voted, but there is no word about the compound name: “This agreement is against the overwhelming majority of Greek People…It constitutes a harmful agreement for the national interests. It recognizes an alleged “Macedonian” nationality and language for our norther neighbors…”

There was no reference to the compound name and in addition New Democracy is not engaged that if they become future government they will deny the agreement of Tsipras and Zaev. 

While Zaev made these provocative statements: “The Macedonian and the Greek society are in favor, they want peace…The European view demands democratic ideals, Greeks, Macedonians, Europeans, are more powerful towards xenophobia”. So, there are Greeks and “Macedonians” (!), as if Macedonians are not Greeks! These were the words of the successor of the Slavic slaughterers of the past, in Greek territory, at Prespa, a region filled with the blood of sons of Greece, from Crete, Mani, Roumeli, from every corner of Greece for our Greek Macedonia. 

Despite their actions, this agreement shall not pass

Golden Dawn, through an anti-constitutional and undemocratic way was excluded by the procedure, a fact that reveals the terror and the panic of the bolshevists of SRIZA towards the Nationalists. Despite their actions, however, this agreement shall not pass, Hellenism shall vanish it.

The bolshevists of SYRIZA, along with the antinationalist excluded me from the conversation about this issue. However, I participated in the debate about the new memorandum at Tuesday June 13 of 2018, the day of death of Alexander the Great, where I expressed the stance of GOLDEN DAWN about this major national issue, where I denounced the national treason and I declared that the name of Macedonia belongs to no SYRIZA, no political party, to none. In this stance, GOLDEN DAWN continues to fight, loyal to the belief that Macedonia is only Greek and every compromise is nothing but treason. 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn