From grosz to euro-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Saturday, 14 October2017 - 11:30

From grosz to euro-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

There is no salvation from the foreigners

When at the summer of 2015 took place debates at the parliament for the memorandum of the left side, which was also voted by New Democracy, during my speech, by showing the flag with the yellow stars, the flag of the European Union,, I have said that this flag for us, the Greek Nationalists means nothing, is a simple commercial symbol and no Greek man spilt his blood for this flag. Prompted by this phrase, I remembered an incident that had happened at the French national assembly. 


More specifically, the leader of the left French political party Melenchon and his MPs submitted an amendment regarding the removal of the flag of the E.U. from the French national assembly. According to the French newspaper “Le Figaro” , the responsible commission of the National Assembly will examine the amendment that was submitted by the 17 MPs of “France Insoumise”, where they demand the removal of the flag of the E.U. from the building “Palais Bourbon”. 

It is certain that the majority of the MPs of the banker Macron will reject the proposal of the French politician, who is sceptic about the position of France in the E.U. On the contrary, the Front National of Le Pen supported this proposal, while Moscovici accused the left politician of being nationalist. 

However, if Melenchon or even Marine Le Pen or many others are concerned about the position of mighty France with the great agricultural and industrial production in the E.U., what about us, the Greeks that we have destroyed our national economy in the name of the famous European Union? They said that the price for this catastrophe would be the security and the prosperity. 


There was no security, since Turkey and Albania threaten us and demand our territory, neither prosperity, since we experience the economic crisis during the years of memoranda. And they are audacious enough to claim that the memoranda will end at August of 2018! SYRIZA has become immoral, while New Democracy makes unimaginable promises, while they know that they can achieve nothing without the denouncement of the debt and the exit from euro. 

Previously, we referred to Moscovici yet apart from him, also Dijsselbloem have stated that the trusteeship will not end for our Homeland at August of 2018. This is obvious, since the loans that our country has receives according to the English law still exist. Whether there are or not the memoranda, we have become a colony by debt. 

Last week, the coordinator of the budget office of the state Panagiotis Liargovas delivered the report regarding the economic condition of the country. Among other things, Mr. Liargovas made it clear that the exit from memoranda at August of 2018 does not mean the end of the trusteeship, since the market will continue to evaluate the Greek economy, often with a harsh and relentless way.


So, trusteeship will be continued, despite the “saviors” of SYRIZA and the “wannabe saviors” of N.D. In parallel, two of greatest loan sharks in the market, Goldman Sachs and Black Rock, urged to agree with Alexis Tsipras, who talks about an imaginary development, claiming that Greek economy…recovers!!! Yet, except for that, Eurobank sold in an international fund consumer loans of one and a half billion euros at the 3% of their value and precisely for only 45 million euros!!! This is a total sold-out, while the moral and legal process never became reality, meaning the notification of the debtors!

All these in Greece of 2017. We remind that until turkish occupation, when liberated (?) Greece had a new currency, the Greek used to utilize grosz. From grosz we moved to euro! Only after 200 years…

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn