From “Ever to Excel” to “Ever to Drawing Lots”

Wednesday, 9 August2017 - 15:39

From “Ever to Excel” to “Ever to Drawing Lots”

A wave of reactions has been caused by the unprecedented decision of the Ministry of Education to put an official end to excellence, since in elementary schools the flag bearer will be chosen after lots are drawn and not on the basis of the student’s grades. Specifically, under a Presidential Decree (Presidential Decree 79/2017) it is stipulated that from now on, the flag bearer of the 6th grade of the Primary school may be anyone, regardless of the grades; the choice will be made by drawing lots and the grades will not be taken into account -as was the case until today.

We have to admit that we had some reservations concerning the applicability of the obsessive ideas of the pink leftists, whenever their representatives and executives were formulating such heinous nihilistic views from the position of the opposition as well as from the time of their 4% left-lightheartedness... Unfortunately, the time came when this leftist cluster of emptiness took over the government of the country. We have witnessed unprecedented changes and reforms that reach the limit of political ridicule, in the sense that they attempt to “denature” their unrealistic perceptions into “social reforms”.

The left, therefore, as an unscrupulous advocate of a vague “social solidarity” and the bearer of a profane humanity, has finally lost the mask it had artificially wore throughout the political changeover and has started demonstrating its deepest goals: The overturn of the national model of society; the distortion and undermining of the Principles of Tradition. But above all, they have launched a relentless war on what the Nationalists call Spirituality. This determining factor encompasses and expresses the archetypal Values as they are reflected in the light of Tradition. The forces - axes of the Traditional Society, namely, the Laws of Meritocracy, Justice, Excellence and Hierarchy, which maintain the ethical order, have been the target of the devastating calamity and the corrosive nihilistic internationalism.

Excellence, as a combination of the unchanging dynamics and the importance of the concepts of Justice and Meritocracy, has not only been opposed by the established educational abomination, but has been denounced as the cause of discrimination and inequality, as well as an obstacle to true equality! The notion of “nothing ventured, nothing gained” is no longer valid. There is no incentive for development, improvement, leadership and excellence. The child is confused in the educational process, as he is not given the incentive to take the lead, to stand out. Furthermore, when than incentive is the Flag, the symbolism of which gives the jitters to the sworn enemies of the Nation, then it is not only devalued, but mocked as the "trophy" of a lottery. Apart from the discredit of the symbolism of the Flag, the general attempt to undermine excellence has a tremendous impact on the child's character and personality. It deliberately cuts off the connection between the state of excellence and the National Symbol, and as a result, the national consciousness and the national self-sentiment of the student is undermined. Therefore, the student does not feel the desire to hold or walk with the Flag, as would be the result of a noble rivalry and the inherent “hunt” for excellence. Therefore, the so-called abolition of excellence brings about a general inertia, a forfeiture, a mediocrity that will never aim at something superior, or something better. According to Gustave Le Bon, “In crowds the foolish, ignorant, and envious persons are freed from the sense of their insignificance and powerlessness. Everybody is downwardly levelled”.

This fact demonstrates the obvious complexes of the leftist riff-raff against the notion of Excellence, since they do nothing more than shuffle outdated opinions and repeat their endless rhetoric, which is deprived of any logical associations, and -of course- adjusted as they please, as long as they can justify the decadent way in which they think, live and act. Being in the quagmire of historical and social ignorance, the only answers they can try to give regarding the attempted educational abomination are graphic slogans that are not supported by any argument. Injected with indiscriminate hatred, endless animosity towards anything National, and instigated by hostility, they try to transform the new generations into mindless people, into mediocracies and gears of an anti-national, plutocratic system, without any ideals, goals, or dreams.

The importance of the virtue of Excellence was pointed out by Homer, thousands of years ago, in the insurmountable Epic of the Iliad: "Ever to excel, to do better than others..." (Iliad, VI, 208). In other words: "Always be excellent, prevail over others..."

This is our Homeric inheritance. Always strive for the best, pursue Excellence and seek, through rivalry, to improve yourself. The equality invoked by the left remains unproved and unrealistic. As the great philosopher from Stagira said: “There is nothing more unequal than the equal treatment of unequal people”

As for the connection of student excellence to the Ideals expressed by our Flag, it can be found at the promptings of Hector to his son Astyanax: " One omen is supreme, to fight for your country."

George Syros