Frame by frame the bomb attack by hooded individuals on Golden Dawn offices in Preveza, Greece

Thursday, 8 January2015 - 03:50

Frame by frame the bomb attack by hooded individuals on Golden Dawn offices in Preveza, Greece

A photo journalistic report on the attack and the disaster that ensued

Here is just more proof that Golden Dawn is a victim of criminal activities from both the anti-national regime and the red parastate with this latest attack with a molotov cocktail being thrown at one of our local chapters of the People’s Federation movement, Golden Dawn, in Preveza, Greece today.

Those “brave” individuals of the red parastate–who who burn alive pregnant mothers in Greek banks and execute in cold blood innocent laborers–were content on throwing molotov cocktails at the closed Golden Dawn offices during daybreak on Tuesday. Their target was the Greek flag which they hate more than anything else.

Those “scary” minions of the regime had pre-planned this terrorist attack since the security cameras at the site were found facing a different direction so as not to record the movements of those of the parastate.

As expected, this leftist garbage of the bourgeoisie rushed to disappear after throwing molotov cocktails at our offices while fellow colleagues rushed to the site with the presence of the Regional Council of Hellenic (Greek) Dawn in Epirus, Greece, Spyros Bartzokas.

Material damage, which is expected as a result of the terrorist attacks by those of the parastate, does nothing more than strengthen of the will of Nationalists for the continuation of the political struggle of our movement to clean up the mess in this country!

None of the other “democratically” oriented parties from the Greek parliament condemned the terrorist attack and, of course, no arrests were made; not one word was published by the mass media of deception on the attack.

Even so, for these molotov cocktail attacks by the parastate and for the illegal persecutions against Golden Dawn on the part of the Regime and this anti-national State, the Greek people will give a resounding answer on January 25th!

Watch frame by frame from the security cameras how this terrorist attack unwound by those of the parastate: