Five years! The 6th of May of 2012 and the panic of an entire system-Article of N. G. Michaloliakos

Tuesday, 16 May2017 - 01:10

Five years! The 6th of May of 2012 and the panic of an entire system-Article of N. G. Michaloliakos

It was a sweet spring afternoon at the 6th of May of 2012 when we heard the first results from the television and radio stations. GOLDEN DAWN entered in the Parliament with a rate of 7% and this fact was the main theme of discussion of the paid journalists and propagandists of the system. Everyone was talking against us, by disdaining the vote of an important part of Greek People, who established GOLDEN DAWN in the political sphere of the country. 

Throngs of people were arriving at our headquarters of that time at Deligianni Street, while from the loudspeakers there were military marches and nationalistic songs! An entire world, repulsed by the guilty and sinful system, came with rush at the focus of the political sphere, provoking surprise, fear and panic to the mercenaries of the political and economic establishment. 

“Veni, Vidi, Vici”

My first statement took place in a hotel near to our headquarters and I addressed my first phrase to all those who fought us so filthy and so hard, to the propagandists of the television, who even today without prejudice of course continue their sly action. 

Responding to all of them, I uttered the phrase “veni, vidi, vici” and I exposed to them the victory of GOLDEN DAWN, in spite of their polemic against Greek Nationalism, who came to the fore in spite of the times, as a paradox of History, in a country where systematically for whole decades since the political changeover till today the Nationalism was identified as the ultimate evil! 

This victory did not come from nowhere. We had struggled harshly, for entire years, in streets and squares, cities and villages with few means, where the source of these means were exclusively the short supplies of the fighters of the People’s Association of Greece, of GOLDEN DAWN! From the first moment of our political presence we fought the disastrous memoranda of submission, which governs till today our Homeland, despite the fact that those who govern today the country, with deceptive words, were claiming that if they had the power they would abolish the memorandum. Well, they proved to be liars and political crooks while the only consistent power that fights honestly the foreign occupation is the GOLDEN DAWN of Greeks! 

And it was the 6th of May of 2017 when an entire system was frightened and tried in every way in the repeating elections of June few weeks later to eliminate GOLDEN DAWN, to say that it was something occasional that will soon end, and towards this objective there were numerous calumniations and statements of famous people and calls from prestigious people of the alleged “right” wing to exorcise evil, in order to prevent the entry of GOLDEN DAWN in the parliament at June 2012. GOLDEN DAWN, however, was once again victorious and took the same percentage, while other political formations were devastated by the polarization between N.D. and SYRIZA. 

Third political power of the country

It was May 6 of 2012 and according to the official results of the Ministry of Home Affairs GOLDEN DAWN was the sixth political party with a rate of 7% and it was May 6 of 2017 when few days ago another poll was published, where GOLDEN DAWN is third political party with a rate of 8,4% and in another poll, GOLDEN DAWN is third political party with a rate of 9,2%! I forgot to mention that in all polls (and especially those of the massive media) for the elections of May 6, there was no prediction about the percentage of GOLDEN DAWN and many gave us barely 3%, the minimum rate in order to enter the Parliament! 

However, apart from the polls, there is also the fact of the three latest elections, the European elections of 2014 and the National elections of January and September of 2015, where GOLDEN DAWN was the third political power of the country.

Many believed that with our entrance in the parliament we shall change, we shall sell off our Ideas, we shall become the proper children of a corrupted submissive and sinful political establishment. We refuted them and this is the reason why the system panicly made an unprecedented political conspiracy and led us in the cells of prison! 

Yet, even from there I never stopped expressing a political and ideological rhetoric being a “free besieged” by a guilty and responsible for the degeneration of our Homeland system, a system that aspires the devastation of the national state and opens the gates of the castle of our polity towards the invaders and the conquerors of the globalization. 

The guard of the castle “Hellas” does not give in

Well, they should learn that the guard of the castle “Hellas” did not gave in and does not intend to, even though they led us to the prison of Korydallos and they presented us with handcuffs in the television screens sending a message of fear to the people. Nothing is finished and this is proved by the fact that five years after the 6th of May of 2012 we are here, alive, and we hold proudly the Flag of our political and Ideological struggle. 

We had hard times, with the hardest being the 1st of November of 2013, where while we were in the cells of the prison of Korydallos we learned the assassination of two young members of Golden Dawn, who were from those who had not bowed over the terrorism of an entire system with the persecutions, the imprisonments and the handcuffs.

I wrote back then and I repeat it, that after the Sacred Blood of our Heroes, which was spilt in Iraklion Street, nothing remains the same, because for us their vindication is one-way and we will not make a step back. We have burn all bridges and we only look straight ahead. And ahead of us there is a wonderful fight for a Greece that still resists in spite of its enemies, in spite of all those who pretend to be the saviors but in reality they are nothing bur gravediggers!

There were hard and bitter times during these five years with treacheries and desertions, but we did not turn our head back to watch those who deserted our lines. We march ahead, towards the LIGHT, towards the GOLDEN DAWN of Hellenism and we proved that in these five years we are strong enough in order resist to the strikes of the enemy and proceed to our great goal. 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn