Five years in the firing line! Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Saturday, 7 April 2018 - 03:06

Five years in the firing line! Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

By all means they attempt to stop the Nationalistic Movement, at last a REAL Nationalistic Movement! And this because until now, they knew how to manipulate many political parties allegedly far-right or “national”…In 2012 they believed they could do the same with Golden Dawn. They failed! You cannot play with the Ideologists. Before a Don Quixote, their castles fall apart like towers made of cards.

They plotted a phenomenal political conspiracy, they murdered two brave men in their youth, they tried to hurt us in every possible way, the even plotted to divide us. They failed in everything! GOLDEN DAWN remains strong and with the trial coming to an end they are horrified about being unable to annihilate our Movement. So, they have other plans in their mind. Let us see an excerpt (not the entire article of course) of the article of Marantzidis (“I am anticommunist and antifascist”), who is a sworn enemy of GOLDEN DAWN and an…objective opinion pollster. 

MARANTZIDIS: “At last Golden Dawn must be banned!” 

 “The political system must immediately proceed in the prohibition of this far-right organization, aiming to the upgrade of the quality of our Democracy… Five years have passed since my first article at Protagon, at August 2013, with the clear title: “Smash Golden Dawn”. Back then, the legal persecutions of the leader members of Golden Dawn had not yet started. In fact, some people considered by article as a prologue for what came next…” “Five years passed ever since. 

Till today, the attempts for stopping Golden Dawn had no result. Of course, I have to be fair. It is certain that thanks to these actions the dynamics of Golden Dawn were greatly diminished and without them, the problem would have been a lot bigger. But the attempt remains incomplete. My opinion is that this is due to the fact the trial is still ongoing, while the exclusion of Golden Dawn in the Parliament does not scare either the deputies nor the voters of Golden Dawn.” “The identification of Golden Dawn in general with a criminal organization is problematic, because the whole attempt seems apolitic.” 


Marantizidis himself claims that before the tragic incident at Keratsini, which gave then opportunity to the system to accuse a whole political party voted by Greek People of being a…criminal organization (!), back at August 2013, he had written an article with the title “Smash Golden Dawn”! He also confesses that these five hears of constant and dirty polemics against us, with imprisonments, persecutions, trials, exclusions, counter-protests, attacks against members, deputies and other Comrades, in the end had no result. In addition, “we are not scared”, in other words we do not succumb to their insidious polemics. 

I left for last the confession of Marantzidis about the trial and the difficulty of proving anything legally offensive. In simple words, they understand they cannot stop GOLDEN DAWN neither with treasons, nor with polemics, so this is why Marantzidis claims we should be outlawed. Well, we do not know the definition of “law” according to Marantzidis and everyone like him. However, we do inform him that we will stay here in Greece and fight to take our Homeland back, to liberate our Nation from the foreign occupation and all those who hate anything National, truly Greek, Revolutionary and Irreconcilable. 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn

P.S. “May lose the state that obstructs or deforms the national soul. If the state represses the Nation then it must change its form or fade away” ION DRAGOYMES