Finally, a National cause! Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Monday, 15 January 2018 - 22:19

Finally, a National cause! Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

10 January 1993-10 January 2018

This Wednesday January 10 of 2018 passed exactly 25 years since the day when the first issue of the newspaper GOLDEN DAWN was published. Coincidentally, the issue of my article of the last page of that issue of our newspaper was the significant national issue of our Macedonia!

Where have been all of them back then?

All these at 1993. Where was our current Prime Minister Alexi Tsipras back then? He was a member of SYNASPISMOS, since he had left KKE, and of course he was not protesting about Macedonia…It is famous the stance of the political parties of the left side back then, since they accused as “fascists” all those Greeks in Athens, Thessalonica, in every corner of Greece and all of our expatriates who were protesting about our Macedonia. In that great protest, Tsipras, KKE, many members of New Democracy and Kotzias, who even though was at KKE he was appointed at the minister of foreign affairs by Antonis Samaras, they were all absent. Of course, Mr. Kotzias was then appointed as a counselor of George Papandreou. We know each other in this town…

Honestly, how many politicians can republish an article which was first published 23 years ago? I think only few, but I can! In order to confirm that this is my article of the 10th of January 1993. 

“10/1/1993- Djibouti, General Pagkalos and the League of Nations”

“As you all know, Skopje resorted to the Council of Security of UN demanding the acknowledgement of their state. At the council of security participate the representatives of fifteen states. When the issue will be discusses, then the voting will follow, since no state has vetoed for our sake. If in this voting the outcome is negative for us, then UN will recognize Skopje as Macedonia. Among the countries that participate in this council are Cape Verde and Djibouti. Do you imagine the case of acknowledging Skopje as Macedonia?

The entire Greek history, four thousand years of wars, sacrifices, great cultural deeds can really depend to the vote of Djibouti?

Excuse me, but I cannot understand this logic, I cannot accept the name of Macedonia for Skopje, because this is the wish of Cape Verde and Djibouti. I deny every single rule of international law, if they downgrade the interests of my Homeland. I deny to accept as truth the lie, the counterfeiting of history as objective reality. 

I wonder: why we never resorted to UN, according to the advice of our ambassador Mr. Dountas? A state according to official statements threatens the borders of our country. Why had to wait about Skopje to resort to UN and the name of our ancestors to depend on the opinion of Djibouti?

Seven decades ago, few years after the destruction in Minor Asia, the commander in the area between the Greek and Bulgarian borders was the general Pagkalos. The Bulgarians provoke an incident and murder a Greek man. General Pagkalos prepares for attack and invades in the Bulgarian territory. He marches to Sofia. The terrified government in Athens sends him a telegraph. 

The UN makes a severe warning. The answer of the heroic General is historical. In the end, Greece was forced to pay for compensations 20 million leva and the Bulgarians stopped the provocations. This is the way we write History, not by waiting the vote of Djibouti!”


Throngs of people in Athens and Thessalonica, Greek Flags and banners with the star of Vergina in in every city in Greece, but also in New York, Australia, Europe. Unfortunately, our people were betrayed and this wh7y I wrote the following at 1999:

“At Sunday, the 10th of January of 1993, the first issue of the newspaper “Golden Dawn” is on the kiosks and at the front page is the issue of our Macedonia, with the following title: “NO COMPROMISES FOR OUR MACEDONIA”…Throughout the country there was a rigorous national moral and hundreds of Greeks in our Homeland and at foreign countries, declared their denial to the offer of our name to Skopje! The newspaper “Golden Dawn” was confirmed for the words “our people has no leaders and those who pretend that fight for Macedonia, in the future will not say a word!” Sadly, indeed we were confirmed. 

Unfortunately, our country descended from compromise to another compromise, which left the case open to this hideous current situation. 

Yet, at last, among fake visions, international usurers and subordinates, emerges a National cause, our Macedonia, which for us is not just a name, is our soul, our History!

The Hellenism strives to prove that he is still alive as a NATION, that he is has not turned into the waste of History. It is time to remember the words of that Great Man of Greece, who died from the bullets of Greeks, Ion Dragoumes: 

“Be aware that if we strive to save Macedonia, Macedonia shall save us. She will save us from this dirt, this mediocrity and this apathy, she will awaken us, she will set us free. If we urge to save Macedonia, we will save ourselves.”

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn