Exclusive news: Pressuring justice to judge Barbarousis once again!

Tuesday, 25 November2014 - 08:59

Exclusive news: Pressuring justice to judge Barbarousis once again!

In less than 24 hours after the two-page article of “Sunday Ethnos” newspaper entitled “Why the judges acquit the Golden Dawners?” the “independent” Prosecution was activated.

According to exclusive information, that are already spread out in the upper levels of Justice, despite the solemn acquittal decision for Barbarousis concerning the case of the popular market of Messolonghi, Athanasiou’s “reflexes”  were activated again so as the competent Prosecutor to appeal the acquittal decision. 

As all lawyers know the appeal process by the Prosecutor against an acquittal decision is appealed in less than 5% of the total acquittal decisions. This undeniable fact- provided that this information is valid- proves the complete erosion of the judicial system by the Athanasiou’s clique and his political superiors.

Just a note to the fanciful systemic “parrots”: as indicated from the proceedings of the trial NOONE of the eight prosecution witnesses who were called, did not submit anything incriminating about any of the accused. Would they call others?

Let them redo the trial as many times as they want, every time the Truth shall shine and the “pimps” will be humiliated!