Employment to Greeks: Throngs of people to the vigorous event for the youth unemployment at Corinth

Monday, 4 July 2016 - 18:13

The crowded event of Europa Terra Nostra regarding the youth unemployment was completely successful. The events organized by the Nationalists attract the interest of citizens, while the rest politicians remain insignificant to the people.

The event commenced by the representative of Local Association at Corinth, Konstantinos Kambylis, who welcomed the comrades in Corinth and summarized the local challenges, that Corinthians are faced with.

Afterwards, the president of the European Institute Europa Terra Nostra, Dan Erikkson, referred briefly in his speech for the symbolic significance of the organization of this event in Greece, a country which constitutes the origination of the European civilization, the state that is confronted the most from the invasion of immigrants, and the country where Golden Dawn became an inspiration for all the Nationalist throughout the world. 

Comrade Ilias Kasidiaris referred, then, to the turmoil of the political system, provoked by the impact of Golden Dawn to the Greek Youth. He reported the servility of the politicians towards the german suzerains during the joint meeting in Greek Parliamment, where solely the representative of Golden Dawn expressed the opinions of the Greeks, before the MPs of the Germanic oligarchy. 

Comrade Ioannis Lagos made a speech, shortly after, where he made it clear that the illegal political persecution of Golden Dawn continues uninterrupted, considering that there are MPs, such as Christos Pappas, Giorgos Germenis, Nikolaos Kouzilos, Eleni Zaroulia and others, who are unable to participate on political events because of…restraining orders. He then revealed a  “detail” concerning the selling-out of PPA, since ND and SYRIZA were competing each other about who serves best the usurers. 

Afterwards, Comrade Ilias Panagiotaros referred in his speech to the failure of the political persecution against Golden Dawn, since no matter the “parade” with the handcuffs, the terrorism, the assassinations and all these conspiracies, Golden Dawn remains the Third politica force of this country, while the pursuers are annihilated from the People of Greece. He also focused on the antinational activity of the “Europe” of usurers, which is evident in all the different domains and especially regarding the destruction of the national economies, resulting in the unemployment and the leaving of young people. 

Lastly, applauded by thousands Comrades, the Leader of Golden Dawn, Nikolaos Michaloliakos referred to the degrading restraining orders, used by the entire political system, according to which the MPs cannot participate in political events, aiming to hinder the rise of Golden Dawn. Following the cover of newspaper “Ta Nea”, entitled “The Downfall of Golden Dawn” three years ago, now Golden Dawn remains the Third political force, while Psiharis is accused. A fact, which indicates the developments in a kleptocratic Greece, the last communist state in Europe, where the leftists reign, supported from a false right-wing party. 

The Leader of Golden Dawn commented on the current political developments, such as the selling-out of PPA, which affirm the plot of the political parties of the “constitutional platform”, against Greek People. This plot, however, comes to an ends, given the fact that Golden Dan grows stronger, no matter the hostility of an entire regime, which could never force the supporters of Golden Dawn to back down. 

Golden Dawn, unbowed, is the only political force, able to resist to the destruction of Greece. Against the illegal immigration, the criminality, the unaccountability at all the sectors, the frauds, the profiteering, the NGOs and the rest of the different aspects of anti-nationalism. Solely Golden Dawn ensures the survival of the Greek Nation, since for every one and each of us, the salvation of the Greek Nation is considered as personal business and responsibility. He then ended his speech, emphasizing on the common fight of the European Nationalists against a “Europe” of usurers and illegal immigrants. 

The event ended with audiovisual projection and everyone chanting our National Anthem, as it’s supposed to be in every event of Greek People. 

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