Eleni Zaroulia: Our Ancestors sacrificed for Macedonia, we will not give her to anyone!

Thursday, 4 April 2019 - 17:48

The deputy Eleni Zaroulia, elected in Athens, made a speech in the Committee of European Affairs, with the presence of representative from the French National Assembly, where she denounced once again the treasonous Prespa agreement, which solely the People’s League-Golden Dawn is committed to abolish. 

Comrade Zaroulia stressed that even if the name of Macedonia means nothing to strangers, to Greeks defines their very Soul and History. Our Ancestors spilt their blood so we will not give her to anyone for any reason! 

Afterwards, Eleni Zaroulia referred to the economic inequalities in Europe, the role of international usurers and the major issue of illegal immigration, highlighting that Golden Dawn strives for the Europe of Fatherlands and National States. 

The entire speech of Eleni Zaroulia: 

“First and foremost, since there were comments about the Skopje issue, I want to clarify that People’s League-Golden Dawn is committed to denounce the hideous Prespa agreement. We understand that this name means nothing than an economic transaction to the strangers, yet to Greeks Macedonia means their very History and Soul. Our Ancestors spilt their blood for Macedonia so we will not give her to anyone for any reason! Macedonia is only one and is Greek!

Honorable ladies and gentlemen, few days ago Mr. Moscovici came in this hall in order to speak about the Economic and Monetary Union, the new multi-annual financial framework, the cohesion policy and the new strategic agenda of the European Union for the years 2020-2024. I had made a speech in that session and I had referred to the current Greece and the future Europe. The issue of that summit has no real difference from this summit, since we talk about the future of Europe. 

We all know about the current developments and the issues that concern the members-states of E.U. the most. On the other hand we cannot overlook the proximity of the upcoming European Elections. So, it seems useful to proceed to a make a report concerning the actions of the last years and state the following: 

The inequalities have not been recused, neither in economic, nor in social level. There are vast differences among the various countries. Between the European North and the South, between the leading countries and the countries that are left behind. The solidarity between the members-states is substantially decreased. The “immigration” or “refugee” issue is on the rise and brings the catastrophe to the national states. 

GOLDEN DAWN is clear: We believe in the Europe of Fatherlands, consisted of National States, above the economic interests, we believe in the Europe of Fatherlands and National Identity! 

It is also evident that the deepening in EMU will take place in the context of the completion of the banking union and growth of the European Stability Mechanism (ESM). Undoubtedly this Banking Union will make the central and private bankers dominant. The French President, Emanuel Macron, supports the reformation of ESM to an institutional instrument of the European Union and the completion of the banking union. The argument about the “deepening on the European procedures” is not convincing, since the outcome of this initiative will be the creation of logistical labyrinth, aiming to the recapitalization of the funds of the members-states of the E.U. through a vast financial expansion, at the expense of the European Peoples! Greek people has paid the bitter price of the three recapitalizations of the banks! 

In addition, the E.U. sent documents about the abolishment of the unanimity for the decisions on specific issues and the implementation of a special majority. Well we do state that there is no future for Europe if the principle of unanimity gets abolished, since this abolishment leads to the inequality among the members-states and the domination of three states regarding issues that concern all the members-states of the Union. 

There is a notable deficit in the rule of law and the respect of the principles upon which the E.U. was created. This European structure has no relation with the vision of its founders. It has no relation with the vision of the Europe of the Fatherlands, of the National States. Unfortunately, nowadays instead of uniting, the E.U. divides the Europeans and leads the European Nations to extinction. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, you represent the French National Assembly and some of you support the plans of the French President, given the fact that the National Assembly gives him the green light for the implementation of capitalistic reforms. Let’s see the highlights on the French public sphere during the last months. 

The notorious movement of the “Yellow Vests” (which turned from reactions against the rise of the gas prices to demands for the reinforcement of the suffering middle class) managed to gain popularity beyond the French borders, where their conflict with Macron government lead to the most serious episodes in Paris in the last decades and the closure of many police departments. By the time, this movement now expresses the luck of trust of citizens towards the governors of the country. Through the “Yellow Vests”, the French not only revolted for the gas prices, but also revolted against a government that ignores them, treats them like idiots and leads them to misery. 

The French National Assembly few days ago voted a draft law for the reform of the education, which includes an amendment for the replacement in the school textbooks of the words “father” and “mother” with the words “parent 1” and “parent 2”. This amendment destroys the fundamental meaning, the very definition of the traditional family. This is not a progress, this constitutes the destruction of the Nations, of the Tradition, of the Customs, of all these that define the History and the Identity of the European Peoples. This law violates the Greco-Roman civilization and Christianity, the foundations of our Europe! 

So, under these circumstances, there is no future for Europe in the way you mean it. There is no future for this inhuman, corrupted and hateful establishment of the European Union. The solution lies in the reinforcement of the National States of Europe and this solution will become visible in the next European Elections, where the European Citizens will fight against the globalization, the financial oligarchy, this corrupted situation. There is no reason to talk with aphorisms, since in short time the Nationalists will prevail in Europe. 

The “Yellow Vests” in France show the path of the National Resistance against the plans of the globalization of the financial oligarchy that want to erase BOTH France AND Greece!

The 26th of May, the day of the European Elections arrives and will be the day of the victory of the Nationalists in the entire Europe!

French colleagues, honorable MPs of the French national Assembly, we do not forget that numerous French Philhellenes spilt their blood for our own National Freedom against the Turks at 1821. If you want the survival of France, then fight against the plans of the employee of bankers Macron!”