Eleni Zaroulia at Egnatia TV: The memorandum arc turned the parliament into a soviet! The voice of Golden Dawn annoys them-VIDEO

Thursday, 18 May2017 - 23:48

The MP elected in Athens of Golden Dawn Eleni Zaroulia talked at the newscast of Egnatia TV Thessalonica, where she presented the real aspect of the incident at the parliament. 

The comrade who was present at the incident referred to the provocativeness of Dendias, who passed towards the seats of Golden Dawn, in order to interrupt the speech of I.Kasidiaris regarding the anti-constitutional character of the new memoranda. 

Then Eleni Zaroulia denounced the illegal decision of the memorandum arc for the exclusion of the MPs of Golden Dawn from the sessions of the commissions, where the legislation is discussed.

“They have turned the Parliament into a soviet” she uttered and the reason for that is because Golden Dawn is the only anti-memorandum voice in the parliament. 

Finally, she reminded that in the past there have been incidents from MPs of PASOK and absolutely nothing happened.