“Dogiakos Gate II: Return of “Panathinaikakia” – Movie review by Ilias Kasidiaris

Friday, 26 December2014 - 21:57

“Dogiakos Gate II: Return of “Panathinaikakia” – Movie review by Ilias Kasidiaris

The dialogue of the Sequel: 20/12 – “Tell big Panathinaikakia, to fuck whoever plays Chaikalis’ CD” – 21/12 – “Tell big Panathinaikakia, to close the file so as not to fuck him…”

I’m still waiting Samaras to sue me. Why is he hesitating? What scares him?

A few days have passed since the revelation of the biggest scandal of the last decades, with the telephone order of Samaras to Ntogiakos to put in prison the MPs of the Golden Dawn. Although the duo of disaster Samaras-Dogiakos lurked and begged the “tyrants” to “bury” the issue, finally the events confirmed what we already knew.  The perjurer prosecutor proved once again, on the occasion of Chaikalis’ case, that he is a loyal “dog” to Maximos Mansion, promoter of justice and actor of too many heavy felonies. The popular saying (paraphrased) absolutely suits him: “Panathinaikakias wants to hide and joy does not let him”.

Let’s take however the story from the beginning. On April 2, 2014, I referred, in the Parliament, to a dialogue between myself and the General Secretary of the Government, which was documenting a host of felonies committed by the Prime Minister and top Ministers. Result? Proceedings were brought against me for an offense punishable by 5-10 years’ punishment. And note please: The prosecution does not concern ultimately the video recording of Baltakos’ confession, by which moreover there is no evidence to connect it. It concerns – according to the official document of the Parliament Ethics Committee – my reference to the content of the dialogue, without the consent of Baltakos. This reference, I repeat, was made in the Parliament during the process of removing my parliamentary immunity, which according to regulations, I was given the floor to prove that the prosecution against me is political. I acted, namely, with an absolute commitment to legality and to my institutional role. 

On December 19, 2014 the president of ANEL (Independent Greeks) and the MP Chaikalis organized press conference and presented compelling evidence, proving that Samaras was bribing MPs to cast their vote for him to be the President of the Republic . During the conference, Kammenos was waving a CD which contained an intercepted conversation of Chaikalis-Apostolopoulos and he did well… The supreme courts of the country, namely the Supreme Court and the State Council, as well as the Data Protection Authority, have pronounced that material with similar content is legal, as it concerns the public interest and not the private life of citizens. When Chaikalis handed the CD in question in the Public Prosecution Dogiakos didn’t dare to prosecute him for interception. He “buried” the issue in the basement of the Court of Appeals, hoping that it would be forgotten. When the assistance of the Hellenic Police was asked for the arrest of the intermediary, the case was assigned to the Commander of the State Security, Stathis. Dogiakos and Stathis have two very important things in common:

They were in the forefront in the illegal persecution of the Golden Dawn. The role of Dogiakos is known. Stathis as Commander of the Division of Internal Affairs of the Hellenic Police ordered the public humiliation of dozens of policemen. He forced the EKAM to undress to see if they have tattoos and in his official announcements, he constantly called our party a “criminal organization”. Finally from all this ludicrous insulting of the policemen, it is shown that the Golden Dawn doesn’t have any…“network” inside  the Hellenic Police. To understand the extent of stupidity and misery, in the much touted finding of the Division of Internal Affairs there were as evidence photos of a…boat!
Dogiakos and Stathis were promoted, because of their good behavior and of their commitment to samaristan. The first one became Head of the Appeals Prosecutor and the second Commander of the State Security. Who is the one that informed the intermediary, Apostolopoulos, to avoid the crucial appointment with Chaikalis is “impossible” to guess. The only people who knew, however, were Chaikalis, Prosecutior of Appeals (Dogiakos) and the State Security (Stathis).

When the case of Chaikalis was in the spotlight and the MP appeared on STAR and MEGA  TV channels, Dogiakos took action again. With a staged motion he gave a mandate to the Department of Electronic Crime to “discover” which websites displayed the dialogue of Chaikalis-Apostolopoulos, to jail their administrators. He didn’t think that with the same logic he should put in prison himself too, who made use of the CD and on this basis called Apostolopoulos to the Court of Appeal. Or that he should put in prison Markogiannakis too, who as Chairman of the Ethics Committee, he reproduced the CD institutionally (the garrison commander guarded the Hellenic Parliament Television Station while the technicians were preparing the copies). But these are details for a ruthless criminal, like Dogiakos, whose only concern is the absolute application of the illegal mandates of Samaras. In this case, the mandate must have been something like this: “Tell big Panathinaikakia, to fuck whoever plays Chaikalis’ CD”.

After all this, here we are in the present day and the complaint of Kammenos that Dogiakos called him in panic and was yelling that the case must close. Maybe in this case Samaras charged him with negligence and the telephone mandate may be amended slightly: “Tell big Panathinaikakia, to close the file so as not to fuck him…”. He became Head, is it possible to leave open such issues and lead the Prime Minister of Merkel to the ultimate level of despair and suits against Chaikalis? I wonder, of course, why Samaras didn’t sue me too? My own complaints were a thousand times heavier than the one of Chaikanlis. The crimes of which I accused him are a thousand times more loathsome than this one of bribery. Maybe he was afraid as my complaints didn’t contain the confession of unknown and nameless Apostolopoulos, but the confession of his closest associate and 2nd in command of the government under his own immediate command? Did Samaras get upset when he saw the figure of Baltakos and even more when he heard of his own voice? Perhaps that’s why the momentous complaints of the Golden Dawn got “buried” in the most vile way by the systemic media? Obviously yes.

In any case, the view I expressed in the Parliament during the vote for president of the republic is confirmed daily. Samaras will soon be put in jail, as he is guilty of serious crimes against the Constitution, the People’s Sovereignty and above all Greece.

Korydallos Prison
December 21, 2014