DOCUMENT of POLITICAL AND JUDICIAL CONSPIRACY – Baltakos: Ntogiakos is Samaras’s subservient

Thursday, 16 October 2014 - 18:20

In an audio document, which came in the media spotlight by the Defencenet and more particularly by the Russian rutube, it is revealed beyond any doubt that the Prosecutor Ntogiakos, who delivered today his proposal for trial for the entire Parliamentary Group of the Golden Dawn, acts as delegated by Samaras.

As heard from the former General Secretary of the Government and Samaras’s close associate, Panagiotis Baltakos the said judicial officer is subservient to the Prime Minister.

The dialogue sounds as follows:

Kasidiaris: Now it’s Ntogiakos

Baltakos: Ntogiakos is the prosecutor who will decide?

Kasidiaris: Now is Ntogiakos the prosecutor attending the hearing, who is also subservient to Samaras

Baltakos: It’s certainly Ntogiako