“Do you think you can stop Golden Dawn with some exclusions?” –Article of N. G. Michaloliakos

Tuesday, 17 July 2018 - 00:04

“Do you think you can stop Golden Dawn with some exclusions?” –Article of N. G. Michaloliakos


There was a debate among the leaders of the political parties in the Greek Parliament at Thursday July 5th 2018. The issue was the economy. The first thing I remarked is the stance of New Democracy, since they will not end the memoranda policies. Inevitably, another issue was the Macedonian issue, where I expressed the clear national stance of GOLDEN DAWN. I also denounced the exclusion of the third political power of the country from the professional politicians of the Greek Parliament. Of course, my speech was never published in newspapers, or broadcasted in TV channels. The following are excerpts from my speech:

“Regarding the speech of Mr. Mitsotakis, I have to note that New Democracy along with SYRIZA voted the legislation about the construction of islamic mosque and legislation about memorandum. Proof for my words is the statement of Moscovici who said that: “Thanks to New Democracy that voted at the summer of 2015 we have reached such a good level.” 

This goes to all the voters of New Democracy that denounce the government. They have reached this good level because they also voted the memorandum of SYRIZA.

Also, Mr. Mitsotakis referred to the Macedonian issue, where he stated that: “The agreement at Prespa is irreversible”. Well since according to Mr. Mitsotakis this agreement is irreversible, then why he denounces this agreement? 

Concerning the reductions at the pensions, he urged Mr. Tsipras to vote together in order to “not reduce the pensions”. 

Well may I ask? If SYRIZA and ANEL vote for the reduction of the pensions, the future government of Mr. Mitsotakis is engaged to augment again the pensions? Of course not.

“You serve foreign interests and the capitalists but there is a national power against you, Golden Dawn”

“…Mr. Tsipras compared Mr. Mitsotakis with Orban, a politician who protects the borders of his country, Hungary. Mitsotakis denied any similarities with Orban, We totally agree. There is no similarity since during the governance of Golden Dawn the borders of Greece were open for refugees and illegal immigrants.

Also, it seems that the word ‘illegal immigrant” bothers the members of SYRIZA, since many MPs of SYRIZA demanded the deletion of this word. Well, I encourage everyone to open the Dictionary of Georgios Babiniotis at page 754, to see the meaning of the word “illegal immigrant”. 

Apart from the above, I would like to ask another question: Why Mr. Tsipras demanded this debate regarding the Greek economy?

Does he intend to change something in the economy or even end the memoranda? He never said a word.

I also have to denounce the fact that this is the second time that Golden Dawn is undemocratically excluded from a debate regarding the motion of distrust of New Democracy. This homophonous stance of all the political parties against Golden Dawn proves the fact that from one side there is the party of all the political parties that serve foreign interests and on the other side there is the national power of Golden Dawn.

Do you think you can stop Golden Dawn with some exclusions? You are wrong. You make us even stronger. 

“Golden Dawn insists: Referendum!”

“I want to denounce the leftist junta that manipulates the common opinion in Greece for decades since the allegedly right side declares that respects the struggles of the left parties and serve the left wing. And this leftist junta sees everywhere, even in the protests for our Macedonia, fascist and nazi people. You are wring. You are only afraid of the people and this is why you do not proceed to the most needed solution. The declaration of a referendum in order to see if Greek People agree with the agreement at Prespa or not. 

Golden Dawn insists: Referendum in order for Greek People to decide for their future on this important matter. We will constantly repeat it: Macedonia is only one and is Greek!”

You are…popular (!) and this why when you visit Lesvos you are accompanied by multiple units of riot police. Same at Thessalonica. During your visit, Thessalonica was occupied territory. 

Regarding the agreement at Prespa it is doubted if it is validated, since the MPs of ANEL had a different opinion. You do not have the majority of the votes. 

Concerning the text of the motion of distrust of New Democracy, there are grave problems. Number one, you gave the chance to the MPs of ANEL to evade the motion of distrust since you report various matters, not only the Macedonian issue, but in general the policies of SYRIZA. If there was only the Macedonian issue, the MPs of ANEL would be forced to act against the government.

Number two, the text of New Democracy clearly states: “This is a harmful agreement for the national interests. This agreement recognizes an allegedly Macedonian nationality and language for our Northern neighbors. This is an unacceptable major retreat.”

Is there any word about the issue of the name? Is there any word that the term of “Macedonia” at the name of Skopje is unacceptable? 


Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn