Diplomatic debacle: Skopje as “Macedonia” in official NATO summit

Tuesday, 16 December2014 - 09:44

Diplomatic debacle: Skopje as “Macedonia” in official NATO summit

In Brussels an official NATO summit was held on the Islamic Caliphate and it was addressed  by the "Alliance".  At the summit Greece participated with representative Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Evangelos Venizelos. Skopje also participated under the designation of the Interim Accord, FYROM.


In the Summit declaration, in an official document, the US diplomats chose to give the name of our Macedonia to the Slavs! Of course this move was made as a continuation of Venizelos' statements at the UN Forum. Recall that, at that time, under "Samaras' command", the political "boulder" Venizelos had stated: "We propose a mutually acceptable mixed name for all uses, erga omnes". That is, Venizelos had directly agreed to a designation like "Northern Macedonia".

So those nitwits over there from America said: "What’s with this ‘North’ or ‘South’ business?!  We’ll get confused, so just stick to ‘Macedonia.’"  So they all agreed on “Macedonia” in their singed declaration as the name that would be used.  The Greek side did the necessary actions which were rejected without rotation.  In the end, Venizelos seemed to leave the Summit without bearing the political cost and was made to look like a "patriot", but what remains is that the Americans simply did him a favor insofar as giving the name of our Macedonia to the Skopjans.

But what is the reason why the Americans caused this whole issue "imputing" this treasonous act that Samaras-Venizelos did to Greek citizens right before the elections? The basic rule that a boss shows courtesy to an employee is obviously what required the Americans to wait for the elections to pass in order to then subsequently make official statement about the solution to the "Macedonian" issue in favor of Skopje.

However, regarding Greece the Americans are now setting their sights on wannabe American/communist Tsipras and they are not interested at all in the fates of Samaras and Venizelos. They have found that the one stating "The Aegean belongs to the fish," along with the change of this statement to " The Aegean belongs to American submarines, resembling fish," is pending.

The whole story, of course, reminds us of the repeated "slaps" by the troika in the face of the Greek government on an economic level. Those in power are allowing themselves to collapse and they deem this "drizzling" support," but are really trying to say “it's not drizzling, it's spitting."  The worst thing about it all is that until they collapse, they will have ensured the selling out of all national Issues in order not to leave Tsipras with any loose ends to tie up.