Depoliticisation – indifference: The weapon of the system-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Friday, 8 September 2017 - 20:45

Depoliticisation – indifference: The weapon of the system-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

The roots of bolshevism in the West are deep

The constantly escalating political aphasia and indifference that prevail among people are a deadly threat for the survival of our people. The government but also the rest of the political parties of the so called “constitutional platform” are responsible for this situation, since they favor this climate, with the media by their side, which contribute to the formation of the public life. 

GOLDEN DAWN remain of course excluded by the public life, the factors of the polity, and the fourth power, meaning the channels and the newspapers, which altogether remain unconcerned for the fact that we constitute the third political power of the country according to the results of the three latest elections. With this stance they prove that they do not respect the vote of Greek People, which sent GOLDEN DAWN to the Parliament. They are allegedly democrats and in reality they disdain shamelessly a respectable part of Greek People. 

A summer passed in an atmosphere of general indifference and the people being apathetic and moving in the tourist resorts, while their debts to the public sector have surpassed 100 billion euros! Now we are expecting the festival in Thessalonica, where on the pretext of the Thessaloniki International Fair, we shall listen to the mendacities of all the political parties. Really, what Tsipras and Kammenos are about to say? After the ripping of the memoranda, which never happened, after the debt relief, which never happened, only the foreign usurers remain, who still govern our Homeland. But really, what else New Democracy has to say since it is completely identified with the memoranda policy? 

The show in Thessalonica will soon end and then there will be a new subject for the mob. On the pretext of the developments at PASOK, also called Democratic Coalition, which is going to turn into another political party (with no debts?...) that its name remains unknown, there will be a huge talk in the channels and the front pages of the newspapers, which aims at the disorientation of the People. 

Fifty years of soviet slavery

The issue of the conviction of the crimes of communism in an international convention at Estonia is important for the past, the present and the future of the public life of the country. Well, in this convention the SYRIZA-ANEL government refused to participate… The minister of foreign affairs of Estonia answered to the government, by stating the following: 

“Through the historical experience of my people, I directly disagree with your position that communism had positive aspects. Even though is true that the role of Soviet Union in the victory against nazism was important, the Red Army did not really liberated the countries of Eastern Europe, so that after the defeat of  nazism,  their people could define freely their own destiny”. 

Towards this unshakable argument of the Estonian minister that the countries of Eastern Europe experienced for fifty years the soviet slavery, SYRIZA cannot respond, since it is a fact their leading members do not hide their faith in the marxist ideology. This is an antinational faith, which tends to violate the roots and the foundations of our Nation, like our History and our Religion. 

The boss is one and only…

But is not only the communist government of Athens, a government with an extreme communist ideology but also an extreme capitalistic policy, that denied to convict the crimes of the bolshevism. Only 8 out of the 27 states-members of the E.U., which participated in the convention, convicted the crimes of bolshevism! More specifically: Estonia, Leetonia, Lithuania, Poland, Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia. What is the common thing between these states? They lived for almost half century under the tyranny of red soviet master! 

France, Italy, Spain, not even a country of the West did not convict the crimes communism! And why is that? Simply because the so called democratic West was in reality an accomplice to these crimes with its apathy and silence. But also, due to the political past of many leading members of the current West. Merkel was a member communist youth and Barroso was an admirer of Mao! All of them suddenly became liberals, but they did not of course forget their past and their opportunism could not erase their beliefs. 

The boss of the globalization is only one. Back in the time of Cold War and also nowadays, this is the boss that they serve. Against all these former and current communists, the marxists and the liberals, stands only ONE clear political opponent, the Nationalism, the Great Idea of the Homelands. 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn