“Democratic” coalition proceeds with mosque erection – Golden Dawn remains sole party alongside the Greeks on issue!

Thursday, 14 May 2015 - 01:40

“Democratic” coalition proceeds with mosque erection – Golden Dawn remains sole party alongside the Greeks on issue!

An amendment brought by the Syriza-ANEL government on construction procedures for a mosque to be built in Votanikos as well as for some issues concerning urban planning in the area (which are being regulated in order to advance the construction) was voted on by Greek Parliament.

The amendment was voted against by the People's Federation of Golden Dawn which spearheaded the protests of the Greek people due to this proposal which clearly is not in the interests of the Greek state.  The former government coalition of New Democracy and PASOK started the work that Syriza and ANEL have now completed.

The media of mass deception rushed to "inform" the public that the amendment was voted against by both Golden Dawn and ANEL. The purpose is obvious: avoidance is being sought like crazy to identify Golden Dawn's position on the mosque with that of the overwhelming majority of the Greek People which polls show have similar views on this like those of Golden Dawn. However, no "reputable" journalist dared to report that ANEL, as a coalition partner with this new Greek government, had not done anything so that this amendment would be withdrawn.

But the president of ANEL, Panos Kamenos, who "threatened" European Union leaders recenlty that he would send hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants into their countries, not only is not following up on his promises but, instead, is constructing, along with Alexis Tsipras and the other "democratic" forces in Greece, a mosque so that these Muslims, who illegally enter into out country, "feel at home"!

The fake Right of New Democracy on their part voted for the amendment demonstrating that their alleged "patriotism" is purely for pre-election purposes to deceive voters. Who doesn't remember Antonis Samaras when he was surrounded by cameras in Evros acting like he was going to "devour" the Muslim invaders in Greece? Yesterday he and his party signed this anti-nationalistic manipulative piece of legislation, maintaining the same anti-Greek party line it followed for 2.5 years when it was on power. Samaras among other things, was the one who promised Erdogan from Turkey that the mosque will be built in Votanikos in Athens.

Golden Dawn–which is the voice of the overwhelming majority of the Greek people, which strongly resists the government imposed new Turkish occupation of Greece–will remain consistently and dynamically against the exploiting petty criminals of our homeland and the merchants of nationalism (see parties New Democracy and ANEL), against the "antiracist" contractors that are legitimizing, with a draft bill and a bundle of money, racism against the Greeks (see the parties of the Left in Greece).

- Evangelos Karakostas