Communists while supporting USA! Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Monday, 23 July 2018 - 19:12

Communists while supporting USA! Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

There is no right and left side-All of them serve the foreign suzerains

Nowadays, not only the right political parties but also the left political parties have gone through fundamental changes, that there are no longer limits or red lines between the marxist and the liberal ideology. Their main resemblance, is the fact that they both hate Nationalism, the Ideology of Homeland, Tradition, Race, and of course the fact that they hate GOLDEN DAWN.

At the 5th of July 2018, I referred to the previous day, the 4th of July which constitutes an important national day for the Americans. So, regarding all these communists of SYRIZA that took part in the celebration of the American Embassy in Greece, I stated the following: “It was a really beautiful picture, yesterday at the 4th of July, where many leftists of SYRIZA celebrated along with the Americans their national day and they totally forgot about their past, when they use to protests against the “Americans, the murderers of innocent”.

Favored by the Americans, by the plutocrats, by Merkel, they now only care about power.” They could answer me, but then what could they tell me? Their silence was probably the best option for them. 

N.D. respects the…struggles of the left side

On the other side, New Democracy now identifies as a liberal and center-right political party. This political party in the past had committed hard persecution against communists. Now, however, the chairman of N.D. or any member of this party, never forget to repeat these words: “we respect and honor the struggles of the left side”. As a matter of fact, during the governance of New Democracy the communist party of Greece was legalized an entire people bowed to the ideological and political domination of the marxists!  

Also, in the times of New Democracy, a momument for the communists was raised at Ai Strates (a small Greek island) and there was the order to all military camps to raise the Greek Flag in the time of death of captain-Giotis, who had fought against the National Army and was trained in the Soviet Union. Of course, the “sneaky politicians” of N.D. say different things depending on their audience…

In fact, few years ago, ten MPs of New Democracy had signed a resolution, for the liberation of Georgios Papadopoulos and the Officers of the coup of the 21st April. Also, not many years ago, they used to present themselves as the “destroyers of communists”. Well, there is no left side, no right side, no integrity. 

All of them battle solely for power and serve the foreign suzerains. The leftists hate Golden Dawn because it is a right political party, while the “right wing” politicians hate Golden Dawn because Golden Dawn is a left political party! N.D. accuses SYRIZA of collaboration with GOLDEN DAWN, while SYRIZA accuses N.D. of collaboration with GOLDEN DAWN. In any case, both of them hate GOLDEN DAWN! 

A sick scenario

And in this dreary situation, after the horrendous agreement at Prespa, another development came as a great shock. The government deported two Russian diplomats, and is important the fact that the newspaper “Kathimerini” was then first to announce the news. However, why these Russian diplomats were deported? 

The answer is above: “During the last months in Agio Oros took place meetings between representatives of far-right political parties (Golden Dawn) and other persons of interest, with the Macedonian issue as the main issue of debate”. Of course, the day of the deportation took place NATO summit at Brussels, where the prime minister Tsipras was present.

Really, was it accidental the deportation of the diplomats and the NATO summit in the same day? In fact, during his press conference at NATO, the former communist Tsipras praised Trump, while at 2016 SYRIZA had organized protests against the Trump policy! This is a complete transformation!

Bolshevists think that everyone is like them 

Of course, USA praised the government of SYRIZA for the deportation of the two Russian diplomats. Specifically, we read: “State Department expresses his support regarding the deportation of Russian diplomats from Greece, since their actions were an intervention to the domestic policies of the country. We support Greece in the defense of her national sovereignty.”

So, if we got that right, the SYRIZA government claims that the reactions and the protests pf Greek People against the agreement for the Skopje issue were incited by Moscow! Hundreds of thousands of Nationalists, Priests, Patriots in every corner of Greece, react to the treason against our Macedonia because…Russia ordered them to do so! Bolshevists think that everyone is like them Well, Greek Nationalists are not like bolshevists, they would never sell their Homeland for “mother Russia”. 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn