Commerzbank: Golden Dawn ranks as the third party in elections!

Wednesday, 7 January2015 - 03:41

Commerzbank: Golden Dawn ranks as the third party in elections!

While most of the pollsters insist on misrepresenting the truth, denying the political reality  which is obvious, GOLDEN DAWN constitutes the Third Political Force, abroad they clearly describe the events and what will come out of the ballot on January 25.

The German banking firm Commerzbank sees that the first party (but without self reliance) will be SYRIZA, second will be ND and third the Golden Dawn. From there on, the ranking of the parties are as follows: fourth the River, fifth the KKE, and sixth PASOK.

This banking firm saw nothing more than the obvious, by “locking” the Third spot for the GOLDEN DAWN and exposing this way the domestic pollsters, which predict this place is either the party of Theodorakis or the remnants of PASOK, that fights for its survival in just to find itself in the next parliamentary period. The Germans proceed their analysis, saying that "the River" (Potami) will be the modulator of the post-election developments on the subject of cooperation with SYRIZA.

SYRIZA, as indicated by Commerzbank, has turned down the volume, since there is no screaming for an exit from euro or EU, while the debt haircut is sought with diplomacy. A process that also needs the agreement of the creditors. Lost in the inconsistency and contradictions of the components that constitute this mishmash, SYRIZA will be forced to a compromise defeat against the lenders, having by its side the River as an ally in the new phase of the memorandum-friendly coalition government.

It is characteristic that in its estimations the banking firm sees that the facts will follow a much more…logical evolution and will not “upside down”, as noted characteristically. Any policy change about austerity will concern the provision of some crumbs, for petty party purposes and not any meaningful change for the better.

With a new coalition government (SYRIZA-River) under construction and ND impoverished in its crash, the GOLDEN DAWN is upgraded and politically and socially stronger, the night of 25th of January as the Third Force in the Parliament (after the Europarliament), will be from all sides the Fortress of the National – Popular political opposition against the kneeled slaves party factions of the falsified “constitutional arch”.

No matter how much the pollsters try to hide the obvious, the elections of January 25th will highlight their Major and Crucial Winner, the Popular Nationalist Movement of the GOLDEN DAWN.