Case of the region of Manolada: Free to all the defendants - They were not members of the Golden Dawn!

Thursday, 31 July 2014 - 12:00

Case of the region of Manolada: Free to all the defendants - They were not members of the Golden Dawn!

For the case of the region of Manolada, Golden Dawn has often expressed the opinion on the events that took place there, and the condemnation of the fact that some were treated so ruthlessly that they did not hesitate to shoot against the personnel employed in their fields, for reasons that are not appropriate to mention at this time.

The same pointless is to broach the details of the case, it suffices to stand in surface and absolutely essential, because the Golden Dawn does not represent the prosecutor urged by empathy as does Mr. Psaras (see the case of articles of association...) and the politicians of the country to judge it through newspapers and TV studios so because it is his interest.

Besides, the facts "speak" for themselves. There are, however, some aspects of the issue that deserves more discussion to debunk some myths of the pseudo-democracy.

First Myth - The judiciary is independent: The news of the non remand of the accused and even for the felony of the attempted murder leads to the following conclusion: The defendants WERE NOT MEMBERS OF THE GOLDEN DAWN and that their "qualification" secured their freedom.

Second myth - The Golden Dawn prosecuted for acts and not for its ideas: Nine Members of the party are in jail because they do not have... clairvoyant that allow them to predict the behavior of everyone throughout Greece, but the leadership of PASOK is not led to jail with the sense of collective responsibility (as applied in the case of the Golden Dawn) on ACTS of the entrepreneur belonging to it ideologically.

Third myth - The media is impartial: What would happen if the perpetrators were not members, but supporters of the Golden Dawn? What would happen if in a house of any of those defendants would find the police a key ring, a scarf or a notice of the Golden Dawn?

Fourth Myth - Media uphold the freedom of speech: The Channels after have baptized the illegal immigrants - victims, legal workers and gave them step to express their pain. In Golden Dawn, the third political force in the country that has been voted for hundreds of thousands of Greeks gave no second to refute the lies of its opponents and to defend its policy rate.

Fifth Myth - The right of "concentrate" is a law: Outside the courts gathered illegal immigrants to declare their opposition to the acquittal verdict. To the illegal demonstration participated organizations - seals like those that a few weeks ago were the reason to deny the Golden Dawn to demonstrate for Macedonia in Thessaloniki.

Rule: If you're from Asia or Africa and living illegally in Greece then you enjoy all the privileges that no Greek enjoys unless he is a human of the system. Why for the Golden Dawn and for its voters the institutions of justice, of equality of freedom of expression do not apply, at least not as sworn anti-Greeks dominate this country, servants of a brutal regime that 'gains from the illegal immigrant and his exploiter.

And if it happens the last to subvert, the "independent" justice will "clean up" on behalf of him.

Mattheopoulos Artemis

MP of Serres

Political prisoner

Prisons of Korydallos