Better to have the Drachma than slavery! – Article by N. G. Michaloliakos

Thursday, 25 December2014 - 14:09

Better to have the Drachma than slavery! – Article by N. G. Michaloliakos

May the propaganda of the those usurious bankers not prevail

Freedom, Freedom,
how your crown tears and bites at your heavens
Your bright light with its burn blinds your people
The Americans like golden butterflies
reckon the dollar value of your precious metals
And they do it with the Statue of “Liberty” in the background
which “illuminates the world”
– Κ. Kariotakis

Just as everything indicates, the Greek government is not going to get the required amount of votes it takes within the Greek parliament in order to elect a new president of the Greek Republic.  So that means that the country will now, fatefully, be led to new elections, elections in which Golden Dawn will most certainly take place.  We got a first sampling of government propaganda from the Greek Prime Minister’s speech in his party’s parliamentary group session, propaganda which will be used by the coalition government of Samaras–Benizelos and their allied forces which are, in effect, found within circles of big TV networks and newspapers.  It was a speech that could be summed up in three words:  Fear, Terror and Alarmism!


In parallel with the PM’s speech we also had publications from the “philhellenic” international press in which they support the Greek government of today with such fervor, a Greek government which is guilty for the deplorable condition of our homeland today.  We all know the role that the international press–which is nothing more that a tool in the hands of the internal bankers–has played in the collapse of Greece’s economy.  Some ought to reflect on just how good these leaders are for the country who receive praise from the presumed enemies of our nation.

Indeed, the speech of Prime Minister coincided with the rise of interest rates in our country by the international markets along with a drop in the Greek stock market. These two events–which were obviously rigged–were used ad nauseam by Antonis Samaras when speaking to Members of New Democracy while, simultaneously, giving the signal to various "super stars" of Greek TV studios, that work together with the government coalition of PASOK-ND, to spread like parrots the same old scaremongering to the Greek people.

So from one perspective, there are those who tell us that we should not hold elections because that would jeopardize the country. This argument on its basis of deeply antidemocratic because, as least, as some boldly claim, in a democracy the rule of the people should hold sway and not the will of the "markets," or, if you will, the will of the international usurers. But there are those, however, who without any hesitation tell us that the people shouldn’t get what they want, promoting what the supposed "good" and "benevolent" borrowers want instead; and let us not forget that it was these borrowers who determined the course of the Greek economy over the past five years and led our country to its objective, disastrous results of today.

For five years the Greek people have been undergoing the memorandum policy and we have seen that, within these five years, nothing positive resulted for the people. The poor became poorer, some of the rich got richer, unemployment rose and public debt went up as well.


A big challenge in this regard is the question whether the Greek debt is sustainable or not. Both the co-ruling PASOK-ND and global bankers try to convince us that the debt is sustainable and, therefore, it is advisable for the people to continue to pay their predatory debt interest payments and remain enslaved to our lenders for eternity!  In reality, however, the language of numbers and based on the amount of debt and the gross domestic product, the debt is unsustainable. In this case the only road authentically in the best interest of the nation is one of conflict with those who led our country in today's bleak situation. 

However, the government of Samaras and Venizelos insist on telling us that the "markets" do not want elections, but, in reality, the "markets" want Samaras and Venizelos in power and, therefore, are against elections!  So let the Memorandum mentors take courage then and let them completely dissolve the state of Greece, and let them formally make our country a debt colony without freedom, without the people deciding on whom then want to rule over them.

They even threaten that, if they fall, the country then will go bankrupt, that the stock market will fall even more and many other things will also ensue as a result.  Haven’t they realized that “the one who gets wet is not afraid of the water" and that, in reality, the vast majority of the Greek people are already bankrupt and certainly not interested in stock market indexes. But it requires at least some audacity in order for them to bring within this context of alarmism the issue of Stock Exchange, too, since it is known that many years ago the Greek people were plundered on the Greek Stock and the protagonists in this robbery were specific individuals of the privileged caste of officials, especially of the green and blue type.  On the other hand, though, let it be known to them that the bankrupt Greeks do not in the least bit covet their shares on the Stock Exchange.

Indeed, the dilemma which the coalition of Samaras and Venizelos places on us with its scaremongering is “Is it going to be the homeland or the money that we are interested in?”, “Freedom for the people or the tyranny of the loan sharks?”


GOLDEN DAWN clearly believes that the policies of the memorandums in Greece have been involved in a deadly cycle of a global financial fraud, which has no real relation to the real economy. Within these five years of the memorandums we heard a lot from foreign ruled governments, from governments of the global loan sharks, we heard a lot about the prosperousness of financial figures. But we saw nothing positive in the real economy. There we saw no real industry initiated.  The opposite happened:  industries were shut down. We didn’t see national production go up, and we saw no rise in exports either. We saw nothing positive toward economic regeneration for the country with which alone our people could address the bankruptcy created by this miserable state of patronage and party politics either on the part of the party PASOK or ND.

They are still threatening us–without their threats containing anything substantial or worthwhile–that if the people do not vote in again Samaras and Venizelos, we may return to the drachma.  But what did we finally gain from the famed Euro-zone and the euro?  And if the policies of Europe are not to blame, but rather the thieving politicians therein, then why are we not seeing a purge in government policy here?

GOLDEN DAWN bows to no form of extortion, to no form threat by the government along with its auditors, usurious bankers and its media mouthpieces.

GOLDEN DAWN has answered to the dilemma “It is Greece or Euro?” with a public statement of mine in the Greek parliament in the past:  WE CHOOSE GREECE!  And on this party line we shall remain faithful.

Nikolaos Michaloliakos
Political Prisoner
Korydallos Prison