Because they say that for all Golden Dawn is to blame for… - The message of N.G. Michaloliakos

Monday, 28 July 2014 - 19:00

Because they say that for all Golden Dawn is to blame for… - The message of N.G. Michaloliakos

Mr. Kouroumplis against Mr. Georgiadis and "French" language in the Parliament - Former member of PASOK and now fellow with PASOK

There are few times in which the habitual and professional slanderers of the Golden Dawn in television and newspapers reported at the level of parliament derogatory, charging everything to the Golden Dawn. They are argued that the insults and vulgarities is a project exclusively for Members of our Movement.

This is completely and totally untrue defamatory. Whenever it caused tension with members of the Golden Dawn was political in nature only and were always preceded by insults and derogatory characterizations of members of the Parliament of the so-called "constitutional arch". Instead we have seen very severe exchange of personal insults between Members of PASOK, ND, AN.EL., SYRIZA, KKE etc.

But for all these events they did not say a word. It seems that among the rights of "democrats" is that of vulgarity. On Wednesday, for example, we had "French" between Mr. Kouroumplis, former member of PASOK now member of SYRIZA, and the MP Mr. Adonis Georgiadis, former member of LAOS now member of ND. However it was not even a journalist to denounce them. Among the "polite" characterizations, was heard by two members of the "democratic Arc" the word skunk!

Are thinking what would have happened if a member of the Golden Dawn had told? It would have happened an earthquake, all the channels would talk talking about the new... "fascist challenge."

Substantially, the present member of (and not forever...) ND Mr. Adonis accused the MP Mr. Kouroumplis for his life when he was a member of PASOK.

It seems that Mr. Georgiadis forgets that if once was Mr. Kouroumplis member of PASOK, today he is a fellow and co - govern with PASOK. All these as signs of the great truth, that always in the Parliament the majority was for those belonging to the big party of W.T.W.B (Where the wind blows).

To the "noble" dialogue between Mr. Kouroumplis - Mr. Georgiadis MP intervene the Mp of the Golden Dawn, comrade Panagiotaros who told Adonis that he, as a member of the party of Karatzaferis accused PASOK and New Democracy like thieves!

A 'Thunderbolt' was the answer of Georgiadis he said that since he went to ND there are no thieves, which simply means that previously they existed.

Everyone, therefore, the Mps before the participation of Adonis and the ministers of ND, were possibly thieves. I referred to this incident just to give a sample of political deadlock, which has come the coalition of minority and failure, the coalition government of PASOK - ND, which counts months, if not weeks before the final collapse.