Barmparousis and comrades found innocent for Missolonghi incident

Friday, 21 November2014 - 14:13

Barmparousis and comrades found innocent for Missolonghi incident

Another part of the conspiracy against Golden Dawn collapses!

You may remember the famous video circulated by media showing golden dawn destroying illegal immigrants stands in Missolonghi.

The mockery of a trial for last year’s notorious “countertop” incident has finally concluded, this involved our comrades from Missolonghi, whom among them was MP of the Aetolia-Acarnania region, Konstantinos Barmparousis. We remind you that for the so-called “incident”, the first court session held a few months ago was adjourned by way of a coup, in order to find new witnesses to replace the previous ones.

Ultimately, on November 14th, the second session was held and the “new witnesses” who had been summoned, were completely inadequate to the point where they were useless to the prosecutors. These people submitted testimony based on a video they saw of the case, apparently unaware that their opinions had no legal value.

The result, after several hours of deliberation, the prosecutor’s recommendation and the court’s decision was for the defendants to be acquitted, as the witnesses could not identify the defendants and because no unlawful acts had been witnessed.

This specific case, which is part of the notorious “criminal organization” file, demonstrated the weakness of the argument against the Leader, the MPs, and the staff of Golden Dawn, whom are imprisoned “under orders from Samaras” and because of the actions of those in “Bobby’s Circle”.

The news of Konstantinos Barmparousis and the other acquittals WERE NOT reported by any of the controlled and heavily indebted porn-channels; as opposed to the lies and the slanderous reporting that was first aired everywhere back then!