Authentic Poll The Media Doesn’t Want You To See

Tuesday, 13 January2015 - 02:57

Authentic Poll The Media Doesn’t Want You To See

A poll that accurately represents a more accurate picture of the political outcome of the elections at the end of this month (we have friends everywhere, including amongst the staff of these foreign polls) was recently leaked to us. This poll was conducted between January 5th-8th using a sample of 2,000 Greeks nationwide, and was conducted by the foreign embassy of a large European country. 

Results are as follows:


New Democracy: 25.5% 

Golden Dawn: 11.5% 

KKE(Greek Communist Party): 4.5%

PASOK: 4.2%

KIDISO (“movement of democratic socialists”): 4%

POTAMI (River): 4%

ANEL (Independent Greeks): 2.2%

Other Parties: 6.4%

Undecided: 12.1%

These results defy the cunning “pollsters” who as usual, grossly underestimate Golden Dawn’s numbers. The people will see the truth at the end of the month!