August 14rth of 2015: When New Democracy voted the memorandum brought by SYRIZA.-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Monday, 27 August 2018 - 19:13

August 14rth of 2015: When New Democracy voted the memorandum brought by SYRIZA.-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

We are already in the election campaign period and many professional politicians advertise their programs and attack to GOLDEN DAWN!

From the part of SYRIZA, they constantly calumniate our movement, since they do not believe in the notion of Nation. We expected nothing less. On the other side, N.D. claims that GOLEN DAWN is collaborating with SYRIZA!

All these, while Greek People have realized the persecution of our movement from the antinational political establishment. N.D. returns to power, with the aid of SYRIZA and the ultimate failure of the government of Tsipras. In their desperation, regarding our movement, they talk about criminals, marginal, lost votes!

Same goes for some self-acclaimed “patriots” that claim we should vote SYRIZA instead of GOLDEN DAWN, because Golden Dawn will never collide with SYRIZA! With this argument, it is clear that they aim to collaborate with N.D., since N.D. follows the same path with SYRIZA in many political issues.

N.D.-SYRIZA: Same politics!

Well, N.D. supported SYRIZA not one, but numerous times. What should way recall first? The mosque at Athens, the pact for gay couples? Or recently, the issue of the mufti at Thrace: However, the most important is the support of N.D. in the memorandum brought by SYRIZA in the Greek Parliament. At the 14th of August of 2015, SYRIZA had lost 15 of its MPs, so the memorandum would have never been implemented in Greeks, if not for New Democracy. Yet, N.D. has the audacity to claim that GOLDEN DAWN collaborates with SYRIZA!

This is an excerpt of my speech in the parliament back then: “Few days ago I saw in the television a representative of N.D. w3ho said that Golden Dawn has agreed underground with SYRIZA. However N.D. votes toady the memorandum of SYRIZA. Same goes from SYRIZA: we collaborate with N.D. We support none of them. We are Greek Nationalists. We are against both capitalists and marxists…Golden Dawn votes against this memorandum, denouncing the hypocrisy of the re4srt of the politicians. Yew, return in the national production at any cost.”

GOLDEN DAWN remain loyal to its national policy, denouncing the antinational memoranda, which do not end at the 20th of August 2018.  More specifically, our country owes more than 3 billion euros and our Homeland, our national treasure is the mortgage. And yet we are accused by New Democracy, a political party that will definitely continue the policy of SYRIZA. 

The only path for the National Liberation, the true National Independence is the path of GOLDEN DAWN, not the path of the bolshevists and the liberals, who beg for a glimpse of power. 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary general of People’s Association-Golden Dawn