As for me, a new Greece without liars and thieves - Article by N. G. Michaloliakos

Sunday, 13 August2017 - 21:45

As for me, a new Greece without liars and thieves - Article by N. G. Michaloliakos

Golden Dawn: The Popular and Nationalist Movement Beyond the Liberal Right and the Marxist Left

A few days ago, on July 24, 2017, a celebration was held at the presidential palace, which they call the "feast of democracy," and which is in fact nothing more than the anniversary of the post-political period (1974 and on), when officers who betrayed Cyprus and abandoned the Greek and Cypriot soldiers against the Attila invasion, arbitrarily appointed a government made up of politicians.

At this yearly meeting I was not present, but of course I should’ve been invited! I was not invited this year just like in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. It would have certainly been difficult in 2014 because I was a prisoner of my political opponents, although my soul and mind was free, in Korydallos Prison in Athens and from 2015 and on I was under house arrest. How and why some people invite parties with only 3% of the seats in the Greek parliament and do not invite the third political power in the country as it emerged during the last elections, that is something that is certainly left up to the people to judge ...

In finishing with the presidential palace issue, it is particularly important to note that no newspaper or corrupt TV channel did not say or write a word about the absence of the head of the third political force in the country from this event. And it is worthwhile in wondering if this happened at random and all agreed on the matter. Of course not! They simply knew that this absence was a political absence with wide popular appeal, and for that reason, acting as Inquisitors and censors, they silenced this fact.


However, before I refer to this post-political period in Greece in relation to GOLDEN DAWN, I must once again emphasize that our Movement is a popular movement and, therefore, anti-capitalist, which fights liberalism and the free market —which has been transformed into a capitalist jungle— and also fights Marxism, being a Nationalist Movement.

A poor and misplaced choice is to compare GOLDEN DAWN with parties of the past, as with the National Party of 1977. A party that received in the November 1977 elections received 350,000 votes and elected five MPs of whom 3 joined the New Democracy party in 1980 and this fact was denounced by the then head of the parliamentary group of the National Party, Spyridon Theotokis, stating that with the anti-Karamanlis votes of the nationally minded Greek people, they actually made Konstantinos Karamanlis President of the Hellenic Republic! He himself, however, in the 1981 elections got back into politics with New Democracy and stated that "a solution existed and exists: the rallying of the nationalist political forces [of the country.”

It is clear, therefore, that GOLDEN DAWN is something new and at the same time primitively old. New because, since 1974, there has not been, ideologically and politically, a similar political formation like GOLDEN DAWN which is old-school like and expresses the roots of Hellenic Nationalism, which has been attacked and is still attacked by the Marxist storm of the post-political period.


But let get back to the post-political stuff and those “liars and thieves," who have governed—and still govern—the country for 43 years, by quoting an article regarding the post-political period by the journalist Sifis Polymisis, published in "Vima" this past Sunday:

"The Metapolitefsis (the post-political period) we hated. Maybe the only thing left to remind of this political event is the receptions at the Presidential Palace and the cries for the woes that have accumulated in the country. This is an unfair and mostly inferior to its history account. It is also tragic that in its downgrading, apart from a number of late-commer “nationalist patriots,” the Left is the leading party that has made the most of course. After several decades of persecution, sacrifice and marginalization, the Left has not only been at the center of public life but has also put its ideological stamp on things, managing to transform its victimization into a sign of lasting resistance."

The columnist is questioning these tribulations, which the post-political period political parties racked up in the country during these past 43 years. If one could consider the cultural, moral, and cultural situation in which the Greek people were in 1974 and compare it with the current situation, they would then discern in this a clear state of chaos. Chaos, which some call... “evolving”, but in reality it is a clear decadence and downhill turn! Downhill ethically, culturally, socially and nationally!

It is not just the economic issues that are judged in the evolution of a people. They are even more important, which the applauders of the post-political period deem as simply "details".

It is also totally off for one to say that the Left has, too, condemned these 43 years of the post-political regime. This is not the case, and the columnist of the paper “Bima” himself denies it, stressing the bleak reality that within the 43-year regime, the Left has been at the center of public life and has put its ideological stamp there. And this is the fact and the only force that has resisted the takeover of the country and nation state of Greece from the internationalist (left or center-right) and the Marxist ideologies—which throughout the world are nothing more than historical fossils, yet in Greece still dominate—which is GOLDEN DAWN!

GOLDEN DAWN, a nationalist and people's movement, over and against the capitalist Right of the liberals and marxist Left of ethnonihilist Bolsheviks.

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn