Aristoteles Valaoritis, his descendant and Golden Dawn

Wednesday, 30 August2017 - 16:26

Aristoteles Valaoritis, his descendant and Golden Dawn

Mr. Nanos Valaoritis declares to be leftist and is the descendant of the National poet Aristoteles Valaoritis. In an interview at a “progressive” newspaper he accused GOLDEN DAWN of being racist and adopted the opinion of the journalists that we are –more less- demons and monsters spitting hatred and revenge! 

From this interview here is the following excerpt: “The fact that xenophobic tendencies are present nowadays is natural, because we experience an economic crisis and the foreigners, whoever foreigner, is considered as dead weight for the survival of Greeks. This has created, unfortunately, a fascist movement, like Golden Dawn, which is based in that fear, but not only in Greece. This is clear in France, with the Front National of Le Pen, also with Nigel Farage in England. And in other countries, like in Italy, which is too open. Also in Spain, but all these are large countries and own more provisions.”


It takes courage to declare, like you did, that these are demons, spitting hatred and revenge. Are you referring to Golden Dawn? 
“Yes, this is a phenomenon that I confess I did not expect, taking into account that I experienced the occupation and back then there were the collaborators and the partners of the German.”

We do not have to answer to this self-acclaimed leftist and poet. Instead of an answer, we shall present the writings of his ancestor Aristoteles Valaoritis regarding Roma. More specifically, our National Poet Aristoteles Valaorotis, at the prologue of his famous poem: “Athanasis Diakos” writes: 

ARISTOTELES VALAORITIS:  «This is the Gypsy in Greece. He was the instrument and the inventor of the torments and he served the conquerors of this land, torturing the victims. I do not know if this cursed race, ancient like Cain, was ever ended in wretchedness, so it arrived at the Greek land, following the catastrophe and the disaster. There are these disgusting worms who carry their filthy diseases and their tents, and they drag with them the hammer, the stithy, pieces of coal and iron and also hungry dogs, black cats and chained bears. 

They are occupied with medics and make paradox medications, not for the cure of injuries, but for making abortions. They have no religion, no homeland, no society. They do not work, do not care about the past or the future and they are totally degraded, embracing the daughter instead of the wife. 

When they arrive to our cities, they usually place their tents out of our cities, sensing the abomination they provoke and they also do not dare to face the society they tortured once. I did not omit the description of these humanlike creatures, who are often called by people as the followers of Hades.”

POSTSCRIPT: It is certain that if Aristoteles Valaoritis had written this text in the ‘antiracist Greece” of 2017, he would have been persecuted because of the antiracist law! Also, according to this legislation, these poems of Aristoteles Valaoritis would be withdrawn from launching.