Are we a Free State or a protectorate? Article of N. G. Michaloliakos

Wednesday, 5 December 2018 - 15:18

Are we a Free State or a protectorate? Article of N. G. Michaloliakos

Article of the Secretary General of Golden Dawn, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, at the national newspaper “Empros” (Towards)

The Fatherland of Greeks becomes more and more controlled by foreign interests, and if someone dares to denounce this occupation, the treacherous politicians and journalists of this country will label him as “fascist”, “racist” or even addicted to “conspiracy theories”! However, is it pure imagination the fact that foreign interests control the public sphere of this country and their puppets become our governors? It seems that they consider as conspiracy the revelation of Truth, of the harsh reality.

Well, a notable incident in the past will indicate whether the foreign occupation of our country is fantasy or reality. At the 8th of February of 2005, when the President of the Parliament Anna Psarouda-Benaki delivered the Presidency of Republic to Karolos Papoulias stated the following: 

“Mr. President you undertake the Presidency of Hellenic Republic for five years. In this period the European unification will be completed through specific constitutional revisions for the limitation of the national borders and the national sovereignty, for the shake of peace, prosperity and security in expanded Europe”. So, all these are nothing but “fascist” conspiracy theories, even though five years later came the first memorandum, which urged for the limitation of our national sovereignty!

In my speech at the Parliament at the 15th of November of 2018 regarding the revision of the Constitution I stated the following: “The article 27 refers to the national sovereignty and states: No change in the boundaries of the Country can be made without a statute passed by an absolute majority of the total number of Members of Parliament. Reversely, the absolute majority of the total Members of Parliament can change the boundaries of the Country. Well, no one in whichever circumstances has the right to offer a part of Greek territory, however there is this possibility in our Constitution. Is this the Constitution of a free state? No! So, in a Nationalistic Greece, in a Free Greece, this article will be vanished form the Constitution!”

Was there any answer to my statement regarding the fact that there is an article in our Constitution which provides the procedures for the alteration of the borders of our territory? Of course not! Total silence because all of them are ashamed of the truth. In the same speech I also referred to the famous Article 28: “ Now, in Article 28, regarding the memoranda: Greece shall freely proceed by law passed by an absolute majority of the total number of Members of Parliament to limit the exercise of national sovereignty, insofar as this is dictated by an important national interest. Which national interest demands the limitation of national sovereignty?

Is this an article of a free state or an article of a protectorate? Well, the interpretative note above states that this article is a prerequisite for the entrance of Greece in European Union…This is an unacceptable article and our National Government will abolish it. Always according to the law. In fact, I have been watching some old opinion polls back at 2015 in which “Synaspismos” (future SYRIZA) had a rate of 3-4%. So, don’t condemn so easily the future of Golden Dawn, because no one can predict the future. Right now, in Greece, in whole Europe, the Nationalistic Movement is growing stronger!”

Considering the above, the initial question in the title of this article remains the same: “are we a Free State or a protectorate?” Of course, this question is rhetoric and the proper answer is that every political fight must be first and foremost a National fight for the Freedom and the Dignity of Greeks.